Economic crisis / fighting public service cuts

Public Meeting: London Trade Unions Battle ConDem Cuts

A joint trade union meeting is being held in London to press the demand for a public sector general strike in the autumn. The meeting is being organized by the National Shop Stewards Network and will be attended by the RMT, Fire Brigades Union, Communication Workers Union and the Public and Commercial Sectors Union.

All our welcome.

The meeting will be held on Monday 18th July, 6.00pm at Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, W1T 6AQ. (Map).

Resolution on "General Strike"-Regional Council 26th May

Camden No 3-General Strike

This Region Urges the General Secretary discusses with other Union General Secretaries to organise and name a day for a one day General Strike to oppose public expenditure cuts and cuts in pensions

Update: Council of Executives decision in reponse to this resolution: "That we continue to pursue our policy of coordinated action."

Oppose The Cuts-carried at Regional Council meeting on May 26th 2011

This Resolution submitted by LU Fleet and amended by Piccadilly and District west was carried at the Regional council meeting on 26th May

Oppose the Cuts.

This Region opposes:

·The vicious attacks by the ConDem government on public services and working class people.

·The idea that public services should be cut in order to bail out the banks.

·Privatization and cuts to public services, whether NHS, education, civil service, transport industry or local authority, and will resist them.

This Region believes:


RMTv: Marching for the Alternative

RMT mobilised its own large contingent for the TUC-organised 500,000-strong March for the Alternative through London on March 26, 2011. The demonstration sent a clear message to the ConDem government that its savage programme of cuts is unacceptable to the British public.

Check out RMTv for more videos.

26th March Demonstration - Stop The Cuts Demo

This Saturday promises to be the biggest trade union march in a decade. The National TUC Demo, Saturday 26th March in London: make sure you’re there and be a part of the biggest trade union demonstration in years, when the TUC marches against the Government’s savage austerity cuts.

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RMT warns of travel chaos as soaring copper prices drive cable thefts to record levels

TRANSPORT UNION RMT warned today that the ConDem-led demand for spending cuts is compromising security on the transport system at a time when soaring copper prices have driven cable thefts to record levels - leaving passengers facing huge potential for service disruption and travel chaos.

The British Transport Police have said that they have logged record levels of thefts in the early weeks of this year as copper prices have risen by over 40%. The estimated cost to the taxpayer of thefts from UK infrastructure is £700 million with transport in the front line.

Video: Demonstrate Against Government Cuts - 26 March

The RMT have produced a video explaining how the ConDem governments planned cuts will affect all of us and the alternative that the RMT wants to see. The 'Demonstration Against The Cuts' is "likely to be one of the biggest ever seen" so everyone is encouraged to attend on the 24th of March to join this important start in the fight back against the cuts.

RMT videos can be viewed at here.

RMT slams latest Government “Bad Bosses Charter”

TRANSPORT UNION RMT today launched an all out attack on the latest “Bad Bosses Charter” pumped out by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills that will allow employers to harass and bully employees staff without any comeback.

The “Employers Charter”, issued by BIS through their Business Link agency, sets out an agenda for attacking workers and paves the way for dumping staff on the dole with impunity. The Charter allows bosses to:

  • Drive through redundancies and dismissals without any meaningful consultation
  • Make pay cuts and pressure staff to work longer hours