RMT slams latest Government “Bad Bosses Charter”

TRANSPORT UNION RMT today launched an all out attack on the latest “Bad Bosses Charter” pumped out by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills that will allow employers to harass and bully employees staff without any comeback.

The “Employers Charter”, issued by BIS through their Business Link agency, sets out an agenda for attacking workers and paves the way for dumping staff on the dole with impunity. The Charter allows bosses to:

  • Drive through redundancies and dismissals without any meaningful consultation
  • Make pay cuts and pressure staff to work longer hours
  • Harass women on maternity leave to return to work
  • Restrict annual leave and pressure workers to take early retirement

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“With two and half million on the dole and rising this right-wing Government have now issued guidance to bosses that will make it even easier for them to harass, bully and dump staff at will.

“The ConDems are determined to rip up workers rights to the point where bosses can hire, fire, bully and intimidate at their leisure as they drag us back to the era of the Victoria mill owner.

“The only solution is to step up the fight to defend and extend workplace rights and that means all out on the streets on March 26th.”