Regional Council policy

The policies of the Regional Council, decided by resolutions passed at Regional Council meetings

LT Regional Council activities September 2015

London Transport Reg Council are organising various events in the upcoming weeks:


First up is a demo against the BIS Secretary Sajid Javid and an issuing of an injunction to him.
The demo is tomorrow September 9th at 1800 - follow link below for facebook event
He was elected on a majority of less than 38% - but strives to impose a threshold of 40% for Trade Union strike ballots

There is a follow up demo on September 14 on the right to strike to coincide with the 2nd reading of the anti trade union bill.

Resolutions Carried At London Transport Regional Meeting October 2012

These resolutions were passed at the October London Transport Regional Council Meeting.

Right to elect workplace representatives - Jubilee South Branch
This branch is disgusted with the attacks being made by management and the devious methods they are using to try not to recognise our rep for Stratford/North Greenwich depots.
Jason Moriarty, elected for this position by members of the branch, has refused to be recognised by LUL, despite him previously being the rep, and having had full recognition.

RMT to Defend Special Educational Needs Provision for Children

London Transport Regional Council passed the following resolution at its May 2012 meeting:

This union notes the government’s announcement of changes to provision for children with special needs. While the current system is not perfect, these proposals will cut provision, and are a significant attack on support for the most needy kids and the jobs of those education workers who support them.

London Transport Region Motion Agreed - Justice for Christopher Alder Campaign

This Branch/Region notes:
Christopher Alder, a former paratrooper, died in police custody in 1998. Christopher Alder choked to death on the floor of a police station in Hull where the CCTV recorded officers chatting and saying that Christopher was faking illness. They also appear to be making monkey noises at him and laughing.

London Transport Region Motion Agreed: RMT And TSSA Merger

That London Transport Regional Council note that talks with the Leadership of the RMT and TSSA has reached an apparent impasse.

This is amongst the Leadership.

There has been no rank and file campaign on this matter among either Unions membership in London.

That the LTRC Executive look into the possibility of meeting with LTRC RMT members and Tssa members in an effort to work closer together.

London Transport Region Motion Agreed: Reparation Campaign 2012

That the London Transport Regional Council BEM, joins up with organisations and individual such as the Haiti First Haiti Now Reparation Campaign, Global Afrikan Congressuk, Pan Afrikan Society Community Forum, MPs and others interested in Reparation campaigning in 2012.

The 2012 campaign should have a number of mini conference leading up to the Annual Reparation Conference on Thursday the 23rd August.

These should be held on the following dates:-

1)Saturday 28th April at the TUC Black Workers Conference
2)Saturday 26th May Afrikan Liberation day

GLA Elections:Supporting TUSC Candidates

The following resolution submitted by Neasden Branch was carried unanimously at the November 24th Regional council meeting.

The London Transport Regional Council states its intention to support Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidates in the Greater London Assembly elections in 2012 and requests permission from the RMT Council of Executives to do so.

Maintaining current staffing levels on LU

The following resolution submitted by Neasden Branch was carried unanimously at the Regional Council meeting on November 24th.

This region notes that London Underground has advocated a four year pay deal as a deal that provides stability for the company and its staff.Now that the pay deal has been accepted, this region calls for an agreement achieving the same stability,over the same timescale,regarding staff numbers.

RMT Young Members Conference 2012, London

The following resolution submitted by Central line West was carried unanimously at the November 24th Regional Council meeting.

This regional council notes the young member’s conference is to be held in London in Feb 2012.

This region further notes the conference is very well attended and is growing. It is the lifeblood of the union.

This region further notes that many members the London region have played an active role in the conference over the years.

This region agrees

1/ To offer assistance with arrangement of the conference

2/To offer speakers for the conference