London Transport Region Motion Agreed: Reparation Campaign 2012

That the London Transport Regional Council BEM, joins up with organisations and individual such as the Haiti First Haiti Now Reparation Campaign, Global Afrikan Congressuk, Pan Afrikan Society Community Forum, MPs and others interested in Reparation campaigning in 2012.

The 2012 campaign should have a number of mini conference leading up to the Annual Reparation Conference on Thursday the 23rd August.

These should be held on the following dates:-

1)Saturday 28th April at the TUC Black Workers Conference
2)Saturday 26th May Afrikan Liberation day
3)Saturday 30th June 100 years since Marcus Garvey came to the UK

The 2012 Annual Reparation Conference, 23rd August, to be held in the UK House of Commons.

Organisation working in partnership will BEM will be asked to host or contribute financially to the events. The LTRC’s Executive is empowered to set up an agreed budget for the campaign.