Leaked Documents

The following resolution submitted by Jubilee South was carried unanimously at the 24th Nov Regional Council meeting.

Following the publication of the Leaked LU document ‘The Operational strategy discussion paper’ which outlines LU’s plans for the future of the Tube, this region should resolve to take immediate action to fight back against these plans which include reducing staffing on stations, introducing driverless trains over the next 10 years and an attack on our engineering grades through reduced maintenance regimes. This branch therefore calls on the LTRC and RMT head office to take a lead on fighting these plans by carrying out the following actions:

Instructing all reps and branches to update their local area membership lists by the beginning of January 2012 and that designated membership secretaries are given the full support of the region to carry out this exercise including paying for unpaid release from duty.
Producing propaganda detailing exactly what LU’s plans are and sending this information to all London region members.
Contacting passenger groups to gain support for our fight against these attacks.
Contact our sister Unions to seek a unified defense against these attacks.
Highlight the issues nationally using campaigns such as the SOS campaign and the RMT’s fight against the McNulty report.
Look to place items on the company council agenda with a view to gaining guarantees that:

1)The plans for driverless trains are scrapped, and that drivers will remain driving trains as per current arrangements.

2)All Stations will be staffed 24/7 by a minimum of Station Supervisor and other fully licensed LU employees. In addition section 12 stations to keep the existing staffing levels in line with current CCEP’s.

3) A continuation of existing safe working practices and maintenance regimes in all areas of APD are adhered to and that no decreases in staffing levels occur in any of the COO/APD grades.

Without any of the above assurances from LU we need the union to notify the company that we are then in dispute over these attacks and prepare to ballot the members for action by early February 2012 in time for the run up to London mayoral elections and the Olympics.