LUL Operational Vision

Latest News on London Undergrounds plans to close ticket offices by 2016, introduce trains without drivers, cut maintenance, merge control centres and reduce management grades.

L1 reps Should Speak to SFC rep Before attending Ad-Hoc or Informal Meeting Re:Future Stations Plans

RMT Stations Functional Council (SFC) reps have become aware that some L1 Reps on at least two lines have been asked to attend meetings with local and line managers to discuss LU's plans for the future organisation of station staffing.

There has been no formal consultation at any level over this issue and it is a clear breech of our agreed machinery of negotiation for LU to take the matter staright to L1.

Strategy Proposal For Fighting Job Cuts And Attacks On Tube Driver Conditions

As I understand it, the main current issues facing drivers are:

  • a clampdown on discipline and attendance
  • LUL refusing to confirm that Met line T/Ops only will operate the S7 train on the Met line
  • plans to deploy I/Ops on lines other than their own and/or to cross-train other lines' T/Ops or
    I/Os as occurred on the Met line
  • new drivers being repeatedly moved from depot to depot
  • the possible development of a pool of drivers covering a larger area than just one depot, or
    even one line

RMT To Ballot Test Train Drivers For Industrial Action To Stop Tube Bosses Plans For A driverless Railway

We note the resolution from our LU Fleet branch, and reiterate this union's complete opposition to driverless trains. Every train must have a driver, to ensure the safe and effective running of the Underground. Plans to scrap drivers or reduce their driving duties are risking safety, services and jobs, motivated by saving money and undermining trade unionism.

We instruct the General Secretary to:

RMT To Collate Information As Part Of Fight Against Future Job Cuts At LUL

We note that this document adds further evidence to support our belief that London Underground is planning a wholesale attack on jobs and conditions, under the pretext of new technology such as driverless trains, smartcard ticketing and automated maintenance. We reaffirm this union’s view that new technology should be used to complement staff, improve services and increase safety – not as a pretext for cutting staff and cutting corners.

Tube Bosses Want Driverless Jubilee Line In Three Years, Unstaffed Stations And Mass Ticket Office Closures Across Network

The Document is attached below

"RMT is demanding cast-iron assurances that this ... be dumped for good and we will have no hesitation in taking the action required to stop this" - Bob Crow

A SHOCKING INTERNAL LU document, released by tube union RMT today, exposes a secret agenda to move the entire Jubilee Line to driverless operation within three years, trialled later this year - with the other deep level tube lines to follow - without even train captains on board, to run stations unstaffed and to close ticket offices the length of the line.

The blueprint, drawn up by the senior management of LU under pressure from Mayor Boris Johnson to meet his manifesto commitment of “driverless operation”, was mapped out towards the end of last year for implementation, RMT believes, after the Mayoral election without a shred of consultation with the trade unions or the recognized structures.

The document is called “Deep Tube Railway – Generic Operations and Maintenance Concept – 2020” and its core proposals are:

LUL Plans to Destaff Trains and Stations - This Affects Us All !!!

From RMT London Transport Regional organiser

Here is a signed off copy of London Underground's plans for driverless trains, and unstaffed stations it includes the signatures of several senior engineers and indeed that of Howard Collins himself.

The General secretary has asked me to share the document with you our reps and branches so that you can inform our members accordingly.

Here are a few key points for your attention

Driverless Train Movements On Victoria Line & Automatic Door Opening

We note the correspondence from ASLEF. We instruct the General Secretary to reply, advising ASLEF that RMT is campaigning against the introduction of Automatic Door Opening on the Victoria Line and urging ASLEF to join us in this campaign. Any further correspondence from ASLEF, and reports of local contact with ASLEF on this matter, is to be placed in front of us.

RMT To Approach ASLEF For A Joint Campaign Against Victoria Line Train Automatic Door Opening Plans

We note the request from our Finsbury Park branch, suggesting a joint campaign with ASLEF against the introduction of Automatic Door Opening on the Victoria Line, believing this to be a major component of London Underground’s preparation for the introduction of ‘driverless trains’. We accordingly instruct the General Secretary to contact ASLEF seeking a joint campaign on this issue.

We also encourage our Finsbury Park branch and trains representatives to pursue this with ASLEF at a company and local level.

Train Driver Saves Child's Life

Last weekend on the Jubilee Line a drivers quick actions saved the life of a young child. Just as the driver was about to leave the platform at Finchley Road, he spotted a small hand coming up from the track on his CCTV and realised that someone had fallen from the platform.

Had it been a driverless train, then it would have departed as all the sytems indications were that it was safe to do so, and this story of heroism would be one of tragedy.