Economic crisis / fighting public service cuts

RMT position on Autumn Statement and Office for Budget Responsibility

Chancellor George Osborne

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“Rather than a thin-scraping of jam tomorrow, robbed from other parts of the cupboard, what Britain needs today is real investment for growth and we could start by ending the nonsense of sacrificing thousands of manufacturing and supply chain jobs in the East Midlands, which are threatened by shifting train building to Siemens in Germany.

RMT Slams Cable Attack On Workers’ Rights And Warns That Government Is Planning Huge Increase In Social Dumping To Drive Down Pay And Conditions

TRANSPORT UNION RMT today slammed Vince Cables attack on workers’ rights and warned that as well as opening the door to a vicious “hire and fire” culture he is also giving a green light to a massive increase in social dumping that will allow companies to hire in workers from abroad to undermine pay and conditions.

RMT Response to the Riots

RMT Council of Executives decision:

As a union we support most progressive campaigns for the advancement of people and have played a pivotal role in the anti cuts movement and continue to support trade union council and community campaigns for social justice. We also note the General Secretary is speaking at the Youth Fight for Jobs rally at Trafalgar Square.

Resolution to TUC Women's Conference - Railway Staff Cuts

RMT's Council of Executives has agreed to submit this resolution to TUC Women's Conference 2012:

That this Conference is concerned that Government proposals for the main line railway and the actions of London Underground in slashing staff numbers will worsen passenger services through the loss of thousands of frontline workers from trains, stations, ticket offices and safety-critical infrastructure and operational roles.

Young Members To Rally In Support Of St Pauls Anti-Capitalism Camp

The recent setting up of the anti capitalist camp in the vicinity of St Pauls in London is part a global movement that is seeking to raise awareness in that the attacks on ordinary working people around the world as a result of the economic crisis is directly the fault of casino styled bankers and it is they who should be footing the bill. Trade Unions have historically been at the forefront of such actions and it is imperative that people identify us as the organised voice of working people.

RMT to Campaign Against Violence Against Women

Council of Executives decision:

That we fully support the resolution and note our support and affiliation to End Violence Against Women campaign. We instruct the General Secretary to bring to the Equal Rights Sub-Committee a model policy for our Lead Officers to obtain nationwide.

Further, a suitable article for RMT News be drafted by EVAW concentrating on our members' experiences. Reference should be made in the article to the experiences mentioned in the AGM debate and also to the impact of the cuts on women's refuges.

RMT to Fight Affect of Cuts on Women

Council of Executives decision:

That we note the resolution and agree to donate £100 to both the Merseyside Women Against the Cuts and London Women Against the Cuts.

An article is to be placed in RMT News and write to women on the NWAC asking if they are aware of such campaigns. In addition, the latest TUC briefing on this is to be sent and placed on our website, along with this resolution.

August Regional Political Report

Please find attached a Regional Political report on the recent riots and LU Managements plans to decimate jobs on London Underground after the Olympics.

Given both the ever continuing economic crisis and the Employers determination to use this crisis as a cloak for attacks on jobs,pay and conditions it is vital that we prepare and organise for the battles upon us.

GLA Elections

The following Resolution submitted by Neasden Branch was carried at the Regional Council meeting on 28th July.

This branch/Region supports the growing anti-cuts movement and we realise that a successful movement will require an industrial political strategy.
We realise that all three major political parties, including Labour,are making cuts in local authorities in London.