GLA Elections

The following Resolution submitted by Neasden Branch was carried at the Regional Council meeting on 28th July.

This branch/Region supports the growing anti-cuts movement and we realise that a successful movement will require an industrial political strategy.
We realise that all three major political parties, including Labour,are making cuts in local authorities in London.
The London elections for the Greater London Assembly and mayor present an opportunity for a trade union based anti-cuts challenge involving community and trade union campaigns. This could take place under the name of Trade Unionists Against Cuts, a registered name of the Trade Unionists and Socialists Coalition (TUSC). This would give an anti-cuts electoral alternative to the electorate of London.
We believe the RMT in London should approach other trade union and working class campaigning forces to assess whether such a challenge is possible and to convene a meeting to discuss the possibilities.
To these ends:
This Branch/Regional Council will argue in favour of an anti-cuts electoral challenge at the next GLA/Mayoral elections as outlined above.
The Branch/Region calls on all LTRC Branches to identify a co-ordinator to receive and pass on information about this issue to members.This person may be the Branch political officer.
The LTRC will approach other Trade Unions and campaigns,as outlined above,to raise the idea of such an electoral challenge and to organise a meeting as outlined above.
Note:There are three separate parts to the London election: 14 constituency candidates (first past the post); a London wide list to elect 11 seats by a form of PR; the election of the mayor (2 votes in order of preference).This means it is possible to stand a mayoral candidate while also supporting a second preference candidate against Boris Johnson.