Economic crisis / fighting public service cuts

London students support our strikes

150 students from institutions including UCL, Westminster, Queen Mary, University of the Arts, LSE, South Bank, Kings, Birkbeck, London Met and Royal Holloway, met for a London-wide meeting of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts on 6 October. The meeting opened with a speech from RMT rep Becky Crocker, who NCAFC organisers had invited to talk about our campaign for jobs and safety.

Royal Mail - Not For Sale!

Vince Cable has announced that the ConDem government is to sell off the Post Office - despite the fact that Post Office workers, and the big majority of the public oppose this.

Janine Booth, RMT Regional Secretary, said: “When this disastrous policy was floated by the last government a couple of years ago, our Regional Council unanimously passed a resolution condemning it. We know from the experience of PPP, and from mainline rail privatisation, that selling off public services only benefits private-sector fat cats. Working conditions, job security and the service itself always suffer.

RMT Motion At TUC Calls For Co-ordinated Strike Action In Fight Against Cuts

RMT motion at TUC calls for co-ordinated strike action, national demonstration and link up with community groups in fight against the cuts

TRANSPORT UNION RMT has tabled a motion for the TUC Congress in Manchester next week which sets out a blueprint for a co-ordinated trade union and community fight back against the cuts programme and the “class warfare” of the ConDem Government.

The Truth is Out There

The article below appears in the financial pages of the Guardian.

RMT Executive member Olly New said, "Just sometimes - you get a bit of truth from the media. This article from the financial pages of the Guardian makes it clear that the 800 LUL job cuts are only the beginning of a drive to re-structure LUL, cut more jobs and attack trade unionism. This is about investment funding and planned Government cuts to transport and the rest of public services. LUL’s statements about Oyster cards being the reason for the cuts is so much rubbish.

Rail fares rip-off and a threat to thousands of safety-critical jobs – transport under attack 100 days in to ConDem government

As the ConDem Government marks its first 100 days in office this week transport union RMT warned that jobs, quality and safety have been lined up for an all-out assault this autumn with the travelling public expected to take a massive hit on fares to use battered and under-resourced services.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said "We know that transport is being lined up for further, massive cuts this autumn that threaten jobs, infra-structure projects, safety and the quality of service to the travelling public. It will take co-ordinated trade union and community action on a scale unseen since the Poll Tax resistance to stop the ConDem’s cuts juggernaut."

Lobby the TUC to call a demonstration against cuts

RMT has hired a coach to lobby the TUC to hold a national demonstration against the vicious cuts of 25-40% which the government wishes to inflict upon the transport industry and right across the public sector.

The coach will leave Unity House (39 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD) on Sunday 12 September at 7.45am. There are 56 seats, which we hopefully will fill totally with RMT members. We will take people on a first-come-first-served basis.