RMT Wins No Strings 5.2% Pay Rise At South West Trains

RAIL UNION RMT today welcomed a 5.2% pay increase – without strings - secured by the union’s negotiators for all South West Trains staff saying that it proves the benefits of strong trade union organisation and sets a pay benchmark for the rest of the rail and transport sector. The 5.2% increase will hit staff pay packets from this week.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“At a time when the doom and gloom merchants in the press are repeating the Government line that everyone has to draw in their belts and accept cuts, job losses and austerity RMT has shown once again on South West Trains that strong union organisation delivers the goods.

“The pay award of 5.2% on South West Trains sets a clear benchmark for our negotiators and for the transport sector as a whole.

“Our members didn’t create this crisis, it was the bankers, and on the day when the return of the City bonus culture is back in the news with a vengeance we are sending out the clearest possible signal that working people don’t need to be bullied into paying the price for the greed and excess of the speculators.

“Strong union organisation is the only defence that working people have against the cuts and austerity onslaught – unity is strength.”