Economic crisis / fighting public service cuts

Students and London Underground Workers: Statement of Mutual Solidarity

We the undersigned representatives of student campaigners and London Underground workers wish to publicly state our support for each others' current struggles against funding cuts, tuition fees and Tube staffing cuts.

We are fighting to defend two essential public services - education and transport - which we believe should be publicly-provided, fully funded and accessible to all. Both services face intense attack under a government hellbent on vicious public sector cuts.

Support protests against tripling of student fees

From Bob Crow, General Secretary

The ConDem Government will next week vote on the proposed three-fold increases in student fees, a move that is grossly unfair and potentially affects every family in the country, including those of RMT members.

On Wednesday December 8, joint University and College Union and National Union of Students rallies and demonstrations will be taking place around the country in opposition to the increase.
For details about rallies in your area please contact Justine Stephens at

Appeal for solidarity from students occupying University College London

Students have sent this appeal to us and to other unions and campaigners.

This is an appeal for solidarity from the students occupying UCL.

We are in the third day of our action in UCL’s central campus against the reductions in state funding for education, the broader scheme of cuts and supporting the London Living Wage for UCL employees.

Solidarity with Student Protests

RMT Regional Council Secretary Janine Booth and Regional Organiser Steve Hedley are among those who have put their names to this statement:

We need unity to break the Con-Dems’ attacks: Stand with the protesters against victimisation

Wednesday’s national NUS/UCU 50,000-strong national demonstration was a magnificent show of strength against the Con-Dems’ savage attacks on education. The Tories want to make swingeing cuts, introduce £9,000 tuition fees and cut EMA. These attacks will close the doors to higher education and further education for a generation of young people.


"This emergency budget deals decisively with our country's record debts"

Research by PCS shows that between 1918 and 1961 the national debt was over 100 per cent of GDP. Today it is 56.3 per cent.

Our debt is lower as a proportion of GDP than the economies of the US, Japan, France and Germany.

"The richest will pay more than the poorest. Not just in terms of cash but as a proportion of income as well"

On eve of savage cuts to transport budget RMT exposes massive increase in top salaries at private operating companies

On the eve of the government’s expected announcement of savage cuts to the transport budget, specialist transport union RMT has produced new figures showing that at a time when passengers are being warned to expect fare increases of up to 40% over the next four years it’s bonanza time in the boardrooms of Britain’s main private transport operators.

Rally and lobby against government cuts

The coalition government’s massive spending cuts will hit the vulnerable, undermine vital services and threaten both private and public sector jobs.

Every single RMT member and their families will be affected. The cuts will hammer the industries we work in and the services we use.

On Tuesday 19 October, the day before the Comprehensive Spending Review, the TUC is bringing together workers from all over the country to make it clear that ordinary people did not cause the crisis and to campaign for an alternative. Please join the rally and lobby of parliament.