Appeal for solidarity from students occupying University College London

Students have sent this appeal to us and to other unions and campaigners.

This is an appeal for solidarity from the students occupying UCL.

We are in the third day of our action in UCL’s central campus against the reductions in state funding for education, the broader scheme of cuts and supporting the London Living Wage for UCL employees.

We want to build links with all other groups involved in the struggle against the catastrophic government cuts now threatening all areas of society. Using our time as a united group in occupation, we want to meet leaders from sympathetic groups and help build an alliance against the cuts.

We are sending representatives to every meeting that will welcome our support, allow us to learn from their action and organize what action to take next.

But we also want to appeal to you to support our action against the university management and government policy that states that indiscriminate cuts are unavoidable. We are holding events in UCL until the next planned demonstration on Tuesday 30th and as long we can remain in occupation. There will be ongoing open discussions, talks and debates tonight and over the weekend, on Tuesday and beyond. Any support you can offer would be massively helpful.

If no one from your organization can appear in person, we are collecting a wall of solidarity and any contribution you can make will help us gain further support and achieve our demands.

Many thanks and best of luck fighting the cuts,

UCL Students

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