Students and London Underground Workers: Statement of Mutual Solidarity

We the undersigned representatives of student campaigners and London Underground workers wish to publicly state our support for each others' current struggles against funding cuts, tuition fees and Tube staffing cuts.

We are fighting to defend two essential public services - education and transport - which we believe should be publicly-provided, fully funded and accessible to all. Both services face intense attack under a government hellbent on vicious public sector cuts.

Students, together with other public transport users, believe that Tube stations should have enough staff for us to travel easily and safely around the capital. London Underground workers support the principle of access for all to further and higher education, and know that many working-class people - including our own kids - will be unable to attend university or college if to do so means taking on a massive debt.

London Underground workers have now taken four days of strike action against the loss of 800 jobs, mainly on stations, as well as other industrial action. Students have repeatedly protested against cuts and fees, walking out of schools and colleges, demonstrating in huge numbers, and occupying universities. Both groups know that if we do not defeat this round of attacks, there will be more to come.

As we fight these cuts, we take inspiration from knowing we are not the only ones taking action. We encourage students and Underground workers to send each other messages of support, and to visit and support each others' pickets and protests.

In particular, we encourage everyone to attend:
- protest against cuts and fees, Thursday 9 December (the day of the vote in Parliament), assemble 12:00 at ULU, Malet Street - rally at 15:00, Victoria Embankment
- protest against London Underground job cuts, Wednesday 15 December, 09:30, City Hall (as Mayor's Question Time takes place)


  • Janine Booth, Secretary, RMT London Transport Regional Council
  • Steve Hedley, RMT London Transport Regional Organiser
  • Simon Hardy, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts
  • Joana Pinto, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts
  • Manuel Cortes, Assistant General Secretary, TSSA
  • Michael Chessum, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts
  • Fliss Premru, Vice Chair TSSA TfL Central
  • Ed Maltby, National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts
  • Vaughan Thomas, President, RMT London Transport Regional Council
  • Ian Crawford, TSSA Chair TfL Central Branch; member of TfL Company Council
  • Adrian Rowe, Chairperson, RMT National Young Members' Committee
  • Shelly Asquith, Uni of the Arts London student, London Young Labour Executive
  • Brian Munro, Secretary, RMT Bakerloo branch
  • Bob Sutton, Merseyside Network Against Fees and Cuts
  • Malcolm Taylor, RMT Staff Side Secretary, London Underground Stations and Revenue Council
  • Owen Jones, Labour Representation Committee / UCL Occupation
  • Brian Whitehead, Relief Regional Organiser, RMT
  • Bob Hedges, Chairperson Underground Infrastructure, TSSA
  • Mac McKenna, RMT rep, London Underground Stations & Revenue Council
  • Sean Rillo Raczka, Chair, Birkbeck Students' Union; NUS NEC Mature Students' Rep
  • Paul Rutland, Chair RMT TfL No.1 Branch
  • Chrissie Burrell, TSSA industrial/leaner rep, London Underground
  • Sofie Buckland, University College London
  • Stephen Read, RMT health and safety representative, Bank stations group
  • Oisin Wall, PhD student
  • Gary Lazell, RMT rep, East Ham stations group
  • Simon Hewitt, member of NUS and UCU
  • Clare Reilly, RMT rep, East Ham stations group
  • Adrian Finney, Chairperson, RMT Stratford no.1 branch
  • Gemma Wisdom, Social Welfare Course Rep, Worcester University
  • Mick Crossey, RMT rep, London Underground Stations & Revenue Council
  • Liat Norris, Chair, Staffordshire University Socialist Students
  • Daniel Randall, National Campaign Against Fees & Cuts and former NUS NEC member

To add your name, please e-mail Janine.