Campaigning for better pay

Regional Organiser's report: Pay and more

Dear colleagues,

LUL - TfL - Alstom - Cubic - bus workers


I attended the LUL company council meeting on the 08/9/09 and discussed the pay offer. There was no improvement whatsoever on the last offer. It remains 1.5 percent this year and RPI plus 0.5 percent next year. LUL are prepared to release our reps for a meeting and I am requesting Tuesday 6th October 2009 (one day after the ASLEF reps are released) to take a sounding on where we go.

Alstom: RMT Wins 2.5% Pay Rise - More for Lower-Paid Grades


I can confirm that the General Grades Committee has accepted the following offer from Alstom on behalf of our members on the Northern and Jubilee Lines:

  • An increase in basic rates of pay of 2.5% with effect from 1st April 2009.

CBS Outdoor: hours cut without loss of pay


On the recommendation of our negotiating team, the General Grades Committee has accepted a reduction in the working week of one hour in return for a freeze on all current pay rates.

Whilst far from perfect, negotiators took the view that this was the best position possible given the general malaise in the advertising industry. Indeed the company, which is having to be bankrolled by its parent company in the USA, were originally demanding a pay freeze with no cut in hours.

Cleaners: Progress with Regional Council's request for renewed campaign

Following the resolution passed by our Regional Council in March, the union's General Grades Committee (part of the national executive) made the following decision on June 1st. The latest report is that "work is in progress".


That we note the resolution from the LT Regional Council and the continuing sackings of our cleaner members and the need to build up our membership in this important grade.

We also take into consideration the recent meeting with our Parliamentary Group, which is placed on file.

The General Secretary is therefore instructed:

Is the Dispute resolved? LUL thinks so, RMT members dont know?!

RMT's London Transport Region Membership were surprised and confused as to what is actually going on with regards to the LUL Dispute.

One moment our membership are getting circulars from Bob Crow regarding a 'Major win over 1000 redundancies' completly forgetting about our TfL Members

Next we get a Circular from Gerry Duffy, informing us, that our dispute is resolved! which i very much doubt it is, but i would be nice once in a while to hear it from our leadership RATHER than the bosses.

RMT Pay Claim for Medical Redeployment

As part of the RMT pay claim this year it was proposed that medical redeployment would mean that any member of staff who was for medical reasons unable to do their current job would be given at least one other job offer. Management have agreed to discuss this with us. The same proposals were forwarded by other unions. The only union that did not submit medical redeployment as part of their pay claim was ASLEF.

Drivers' Pay Awards

posterBelow is a list of 2009 pay awards for train drivers. This information certainly puts LUL's measly 1.5% - and even worse, 0.5% next year - into perspective!

A notice giving this information is attached - please download and circulate to all drivers.

  • Arriva Cross Country: 3.5%
  • Arriva Trains Wales: 4.75%
  • Chiltern Railways: 3.5%
  • DRS: 3.5%
  • DB Schenker: 4.06%
  • East Midlands Trains: 3.5%
  • Gatwick Express: 3.3%
  • GB Railfreight: 3.27%

What Pay Rises Are Other Workers Getting?

Our employers would have us believe that all other workers are having their pay cut or frozen, and so LUL and TfL's1.5% offer is generous by comparison. But have a look at these ...

  • Novartis Animal Health: 4.5% (effective 1 March 2009)
  • Grand Central: 4.08% (effective 1 April 2009)
  • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals: 4% (effective 1 January 2009)
  • Standard Life: 3.9% (effective 1 April 2009)
  • Scottish Water: 3.75% (effective 1 July 2009)
  • Department of Work and Pensions: average 3.6% (effective 1 July 2009)