TfL/LUL Pays Directors Handsomely While Cutting Frontline Staff

Click '1 attachment' / file name to read details of TfL / London Underground directors' pay.

A few examples of how much some of our bosses were paid in 2009/10:

  • Peter Hendy, Commissioner of Transport: £393,551
  • David Brown, TfL Managing Director Surface Transport: £316,655
  • Steve Allen, TfL Managing Director Finance: £310,601
  • Vernon Everitt, TfL Managing Director Group Marketing and Communications: £283,919
  • Phil Hufton, LU Chief Maintenance Officer: £267,891
  • Howard Carter, TfL General Counsel: £268,556
  • Ian Brown, TfL Managing Director London Rail: £255,925
  • Richard Parry + Mike Brown, LU Managing Directors: £245,329
  • Howard Collins, LU Chief Operating Officer: £219,728
  • David Waboso, LU Director of Line Upgrades: £206,930
  • Gerry Duffy, LU Director of Employee Relations: £173,486

Over at Crossrail, they are also raking it in:

  • Rob Holden, Chief Executive: £554,495
  • Terry Morgan (former Tube Lines boss), non-Executive Chairman: £209,598

And what of the grades where LU currently plans to cut hundreds of jobs? In the same year (2009/10):

  • Customer Services Assistants were paid £24,654
  • Station Assistants (Multi-Functional) were paid £29,622

So, apparently, Peter Hendy alone is worth SIXTEEN CSAs or THIRTEEN SAMFs. TfL/LUL could save money by cutting directors' pay rather than cutting frontline staff.

Steve Hedley, RMT Regional Organiser, said: "It is scandalous that these wages are being paid out by a public body when passengers' lives are being risked by cuts in train maintenance frequencies, plus track and signals maintenance cuts. Its absolute hypocrisy for directors to be cutting jobs of staff who earn a mere £24,000 a year and simultaneously pocket the huge amounts listed. Operational staff are essential: directors are not."