Campaigning for better pay

New Industrial Action Hits Tube Services Today

New wave of tube industrial action already hitting services this morning as drivers threatened with being sent home for refusing to drive unsafe trains.

Tube services are already being hit as a new phase of industrial action kicks in this morning with staff refusing to take out trains that have not been prepped in the previous 24 hours and also refusing to train up staff who have been shunted around the network, outside of their normal jobs and locations, to try and plug gaps created by the ongoing overtime ban.

Exterian LUL Pay Claim talks Concluded


Negotiations for our members’ pay claim have concluded and the following offer has been accepted by the GGC:-

  • A 2% increase backdated to 1st April 2015.

The Company has been informed of our acceptance and I have requested that the increase and any back monies are paid at the earliest opportunity. The outstanding issues will be dealt with in three months’ time at a formal meeting with the Company and our representatives.

RMT Calls Meeting Over Dismissal of Interserve Members


A resolution has been received from Finsbury Park Branch which is as follows: -

“Finsbury Park Branch calls on the General Secretary to conduct a ballot for industrial action among our Interserve cleaning members on LUL to deal with systematic deductions of pay from our members and routine harassment and dismissal of our members.”

New Action Called In Pay And Night Tube Dispute

Further to my previous Circular (IR/170/15, 17th July 2015), the union’s General Grades Committee yesterday considered the latest situation in our dispute with LUL over Pay and Night running. Firstly I wish to congratulate LUL members for their steadfast resolve and determination on the recent days of action. This magnificent show of solidarity sent a crystal clear message that members demand a decent offer to keep pay up with the cost of living and adequately compensates for the introduction of night running.

Tube Bosses Response At Tube Strike ACAS Talks 'Very Negative'

To all RMT members in London Underground:

This morning myself and senior RMT stations reps met LUL, with the other unions at ACAS.

The first session dealt with Every Job Matters (Fit For Future Stations) We met management face to face and made a strong case for increasing jobs , no worsening of our rosters, protection for medically restricted staff, part timers, displacements, and so on. Essentially for many improvements for all grades effected.

The response was very negative.

ACAS Talks Halted Over Union Safety Concerns

Talks aimed at settling the dispute over night running on London Underground have been halted this morning (Tuesday) after tube union RMT was called in for an emergency meeting with the safety regulator following a series of serious breaches of safety protocols over the past week directly linked to the RMT overtime ban.

The talks were due to recommence at ACAS this morning but have been shelved to allow for RMT senior representatives to attend the urgent meeting at the ORR.

The safety issues have been raised by RMT over the weekend.

RMT Circular: Tube Strikes Called For August 5th and 6th


Further to my previous Circular (IR/158/15, 3rd July 2015), members are congratulated for taking part in the significant strike action on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th July involving all 4 trade unions, which saw every station closed and meant that not a single London Underground train ran on Thursday 9th July. The General Grades Committee has noted the intransigent stance from management over this dispute including the divisive pay offer and the failure to address the wider issues of work/life balance caused by the Company trying to bulldoze through the imposition of Night Tube.

Bakerloo News July - August Edition

Bakerloo News is the newsletter for members of the RMT Bakerloo branch. In this edition:

Strike again on 5-6 August!
Our strike on 8-9 July shut down the entire Tube network, but management isn’t budging. That’s why RMT, Aslef, TSSA, and Unite have called another strike for 5-6 August. RMT Bakerloo mounted three successful, well-supported picket lines on 8-9 July, at Queen’s Park, Oxford Circus, and Elephant and Castle, along with comrades from Aslef and TSSA.