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Bakerloo News August 2015: We Are In This Fight To Win

Bakerloo News is the newsletter for RMT members of the Bakerloo branch. In this edition:

  • We are in this fight to win
  • Strike details
  • Their pay and ours
  • Interserve cleaners short pay epidemic continues
  • Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader

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In the News: 48 Hour Tube Strike Called Over Three Days

The RMT today announced that further strike action will be called on London Underground totalling 48 hours in the dispute over pay and nightube. Drivers will not book on for any shifts from 9pm on Tuesday 25th for 24 hours, and then a further 24 hours from 9pm on Thursday 27th August. Other London Underground grades will take the same action but starting at 1830; for 24 hours on the 25th and 27th of August.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

RMT Calls Two Day Tube Strike

TUBE UNION RMT has today confirmed two twenty four hour strikes in the Night Tube and station jobs disputes as London Underground management, under the direction of Mayor Boris Johnson, continue to stall over the issue of work/life balance and job cuts arising from the new rosters and the Fit for the Future programme - due to come into force from the 12th September.

As a result, the executive of the union has taken the following decision:

Solid Strike Sends Clear Message To Tube Bosses And Mayor Johnson

Rock solid tube action sends out clearest possible message that issues must now be addressed.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"The action is absolutely solid on London Underground ‎across all unions, all grades and all lines and depots. That sends out the clearest possible message to Boris Johnson and his tube bosses that they must now take the staff grievances seriously and get back into genuine and meaningful talks.

RMT Calls For Meeting With London Mayor On Tube Dispute

With Boris Johnson taking direct control of Night Tube dispute RMT calls for urgent meeting
‎With Boris Johnson taking direct control of Night Tube dispute RMT calls for urgent meeting

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"It has become clear from the media coverage over the past forty eight hours that Boris Johnson has taken direct control of the current tube dispute.

Train Drivers Notice: Second Strike Over Pay & Night Tube

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“We’ve just had the most effective strike on the underground in 15 years, we can hardly follow that by accepting a worse offer than the one we went on strike over”. These were the wise words of one of the delegates to the reps’ meeting held at Unity House on Monday. The reps’ meeting followed a session at ACAS on Friday July 31st where LUL proposed a final, final offer for wages and Night Tube (NT).

Regional Executives Report - July 2015


We note the intransigence of London Underground management and their failure to meet our reasonable demands on Every Job Matters and on Pay and Night Working. London Underground management continue to press proposals that will destroy jobs and life work balance on London Underground and we are left with no alternative but to organise a further strike, which will be for 48 hours.