Night Tube Talks ACAS Update

LUL Pay and Night tube update acas talks 10th November 2015 Today our delegation met the company for the first time since October 14th. No revised offer was made with regards to pay and conditions However the company have said that they are prepared to move away from the interim arrangements and revise it to the long term solution on night tube . Verbally they told us that the £200 pershift for train drivers would no longer be available and the trial for a 4 day 36 hour week for Train ops at 2 depots within 6 months would be changed to the same offer for a 4 day week of current hours for all grades . Also £500 transition payments would be made payable at the time of night tube implementation. I have asked the company to put this in writing and we will be considering this option in due course .We will meet the company to continue the discussion also in due course John Leach London Transport Region Regional Organiser - A more detailed report to follow

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