RMT Responds To Interserve Job Cuts


Further to my previous Circular (IR/175/15, 23rd July 2015), the meeting with our Reps and Activists in Interserve on LUL has taken place and this matter has been considered by the General Grades Committee, which has noted that the issues of bullying and harassment, victimisation of union reps, sackings and underpayment of wages are still on going. A new issue of cuts in staffing and staff shortages among the Cleaners was raised and it was suggested that this may be as a result of a £2m cut in TfL funding for Cleaners. Arising from the proposals tabled at the meeting, the General Grades Committee has taken the decision to carry out the following actions:-

  • To map who our Reps are on this contract and draw up proposals to improve our organisation and membership levels on this contract.
  • To seek a meeting with Interserve over the cuts in cleaning jobs on this contact and provide a report to the GGC, which will then further consider campaigning over these job cuts amongst RMT members, by lobbying GLA members and MPs and by public campaigning.
  • To formulate a proposal that this Union’s campaigning around the GLA Elections should include demands for better conditions for Cleaners on LUL, with demands taken from the Cleaners’ Charter and a demand for a minimum wage of £10/hour immediately from May 2016 with a view to meeting our aim for £12.50/hour.
  • To produce a recruitment and advice leaflet for members on this contract, which can also be used to recruit non-members, based on the successful campaign around Interserve Cleaners at Waterloo Main Station. This is to include advice on how to take up claims for non-payment or short payment of wages (including on LUL strike days) and advice on dealing with bullying and harassment.
  • The LTRC to proceed with the pilot 1-day “know your rights” event for Cleaners in London, as per Decision G351, 14th April 2015, and to provide a report on the progress made.
  • To remind the LTRC and Branches that Fleet and Station RMT Reps and Activists should help to recruit, organise and assist Cleaners in their depots and stations.
  • To remind LUL Station Staff Health & Safety Reps that if cleaning deteriorates as a result of cuts in cleaning jobs, they should take this up with their own management.
  • To remind LTRC Branches that they can give financial assistance to Cleaners’ Reps including for travel to meetings, recruitment etc and further help can be sought from the Regional Council if necessary.

I am currently acting in accordance with the above and will keep you advised of all further developments.