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Opposing cuts in staffing levels and jobs

Does the Economic Crisis Mean that Employers "Have To" Cut Jobs?

Both London Underground and Tube Lines - and, no doubt, many other companies - will tell us that they "have to" cut jobs because of the economic crisis. But a look at London Underground's history shows that this is not just untrue - it is the opposite of the truth.

London Underground began in 1863, when private companies starting opening lines. By the 1920s, the Underground had expanded into a web of lines beneath London, run by several different private companies.

RMT Pledges All Out Fight Over TfL and Tube Lines Cuts

TUBE UNION RMT today pledged an all out fight over the threat to safety, jobs and working conditions from cuts plans announced by Transport for London and expected attacks being worked up by contractor Tube Lines as they look to slash £1.3 billion from the tube upgrade budget.

RMT's executive passed a motion last night condemning the cynical attempt by TfL to smuggle out their threat to axe 800 jobs in ticket offices and on platforms.

Emergency resolution: Stations Job Cuts

The following resolution, submitted by Stratford no.1 branch and seconded by Hammersmith & City branch, was carried unanimously by the March meeting of the Regional Council.

This Regional Council deplores TfL's announcement of 700-800 stations jobs. We reaffirm RMT's determination to fight all job cuts, and resolve to step up implementation of the campaign plan that we passed late last year.

We resolve to run a high-profile public campaign against these job cuts, as well as fighting them through industrial action.

It's Official: London Underground Plans to Slash "700-800" Stations Jobs

SOSTransport for London has today finally admitted its plans for widespread de-staffing of London Underground stations, with the loss of 700-800 jobs. Today's press release, which you can read below, follows months of warnings from RMT about the company's intentions, and several leaks - which at the time, the company dismissed as 'scaremongering'.

TfL claims that its plans will create a 'safe, efficient and transformed Tube'. However:

  • The Tube will not be 'safe' with hundreds fewer staff - it will leave passengers (and the remaining staff) vulnerable to accidents and assaults in understaffed stations, and unable to cope properly with serious, even life-threatening, incidents.
  • The Tube will not be 'efficient', as without enough staff, it will not be able to provide the reliable and comfortable services that passengers want.
  • The Tube will be 'transformed', but not in a good way! Rather, it will be 'transformed' into a barely-staffed system in which services become unreliable and passengers find it hard to find the help they need.

RMT is determined to fight these job cuts, as we know that they are potentially disastrous for station staff, for other grades of Underground and TfL staff, and for passengers. Everyone is welcome to be part of our campaign.

Make sure you regularly check our special 'SOS - Staff Our Stations' webpage for updates on developments and campaigning.

Demonstration: Rail Cuts Cost Lives

URGENT: Rail Cuts Cost Lives

Demonstration at Network Rail Office, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London

To coincide with the Network Rail maintenance ballot result and to publicise the massive amount of MPs who have signed the Early Day Motion condemning Network Rail’s proposed cuts and the threat to safety, the RMT has called a demonstration outside the Network Rail Offices in central London. I do appreciate the short notice, but we’d like you to be there as part of a loud and colourful demonstration.

Leaked Tube Staffing Plan Raises Alarm Over Safety

SOSTUBE UNION RMT today revealed leaked details of an internal London Underground management report titled “Minimum Staffing Levels” which the union is warning would lead to the loss of hundreds of station jobs, hacking back to the absolute bare bones staffing levels agreed in the aftermath of the Kings Cross fire in 1987. Even Victoria, the busiest station on the underground with 76 million passengers, could see its current twelve staff cut to just two during “degraded” operation.

Leaked LUL Document Exposes Plans To Cut Front Line Jobs

Newsletter 'Across The Tracks' have obtained an internal LUL document revealing plans to cut minimum staff levels at stations across LUL.

The Newsletter contains the following:

  • Information on how staffing levels may be cut
  • Managements possible strategy to cut costs
  • Why minimum numbers of staff were introduced and there impact on safety
  • How, through solidarity, we can strongly oppose such plans

See ATT's website for more information or read the full story to view the newsletter, or download it.

Lobby the TfL Board

Assemble outside City Hall, 110 The Queens Walk, Southwark, London SE1 2AA (nearest station London Bridge)

Our TfL members are still faced with

  • a three year pay deal linked to an unpredictable RPI figure
  • unprecedented job cuts
  • bullying of reps & activists
  • unfair treatment of members in disciplinaries & medical redeployment/termination hearings

RMT members there have had two days of strike action & have been in dispute for some ten months now.