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The Neasden Flyer - November 2009

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Willesden Green Group Ballot for Strike Action

Defending Jobs & Agreements Train Operators Detraining instead of CSAs

Straford Market Depot Ballot for Strike Action


Network Rail Threaten to Sack 13,000 Maintenance Workers

JoblosspicRail Union RMT revealed today that Network Rail have threatened to sack their entire maintenance workforce of 13,000 and to re-employ a reduced number of workers on new terms and conditions in a bid to bulldoze through a multi-billion pound cuts package.

The threat to sack the workforce, who carry out the essential day to day maintenance of tracks, signals and overhead lines, was thrown at RMT representatives during re-organisation talks.

Rates OF Pay, Conditions Of Service 2009 and Redundencies at TFL

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This is RMT's Official circular regarding TfL - IR/301/09 dated 15th of October 2009, from General Secretary Bob Crow

Further to my circular of 9th October 2009, the General Grades Committee has asked me to make the necessary arrangements to convene a meeting under the auspices of ACAS in accordance with the TfL procedural agreements. I am given to understand that TSSA are making a similar approach.

Strategy to Defend Stations & Revenue Jobs

This resolution, submitted by Stratford no.1 branch and seconded by TfL no.1 branch, was passed unanimously by the October 2009 meeting RMT's London Transport Regional Council.

This branch / Regional Council endorses and will carry out the following strategy for defending stations and revenue jobs:

1. London Underground is currently pursuing several policies which lead us to believe that the company intends to cut stations and revenue jobs within the next few years, including:

Subsea 7 in Race to Bottom over Terms and Conditions

Whilst not directly related to London Region members, this situation is something that is happening widely and demonstrates the methods that already profitable companies will use to increase profits further at the expense of their workers and out brothers and sisters in the RMT

OFFSHORE ENERGY union RMT today slammed the major subsea engineering and construction company Subsea 7 for engaging in a “race to the bottom” on pay and conditions through the hiring of cheap, overseas labour which has put jobs and conditions in the North Sea field under threat.

Forced Transfer Consultation by DfT

busThe Department for Transport is conducting a consultation on the effects of section 44, Local Transport Act 2008 and is inviting views on a package of draft regulations and guidance which relate to quality contracts schemes.

To view the draft Quality Contracts Schemes (Application of TUPE) Regulations 2009 click on this link

RMT Successfully Defends Jobs on LUL

From Steve Hedley, Regional Organiser ...

In response to management's internal circular claiming that the RMT have settled our dispute [which is attached] let me just clarify the position.

1. No RMT members will be made compulsorily redundant as part of the LUL organisational change process. There may well be members of other unions made redundant.

Is the Dispute resolved? LUL thinks so, RMT members dont know?!

RMT's London Transport Region Membership were surprised and confused as to what is actually going on with regards to the LUL Dispute.

One moment our membership are getting circulars from Bob Crow regarding a 'Major win over 1000 redundancies' completly forgetting about our TfL Members

Next we get a Circular from Gerry Duffy, informing us, that our dispute is resolved! which i very much doubt it is, but i would be nice once in a while to hear it from our leadership RATHER than the bosses.

'RMT Platform', 14 August 2009: Your Job Under Threat

newsletterThe new issue of our 'RMT Platform' newsletter itemises London Underground management's attacks on stations jobs, and reveals statistics that show just how mean LUL's pay offer really is. You can read all issues of 'RMT Platform' here.

It tells staff your rights regarding cancellation of overtime, and taking grievances against managers.

'RMT Platform' also reports on: