Defending jobs

Opposing cuts in staffing levels and jobs

Report: London Underground Company Council, 25 March 2010

London Underground held a special meeting of its Comapny Council yesterday to discuss management's job-cutting plans. Steve Hedley, Janine Booth and Roy Carey attended on behalf of RMT. Here is a report of the discussions ...


RMT complained that there had been no meaningful consultation with the unions so far. We could have no faith in the 'consultation' when managers are already talking to staff about the changes as though they are definitely going to happen. TSSA said that they did not accept the Terms of Reference set out by management. ASLEF agreed.

Three Thousand, Four Hundred And Eighty Six Reasons To Have Fully Staffed Ticket Offices

TfL have finally listed ticket fares on their website.

There are 3,486 variations.

If London Underground has it's way, customers will be left to figure out how much money they need to put on their Oyster Cards at ticket machines.

World class service from a world class ticket machine? Not when there are no staff to refill the machine there isn't.

Managers/admin job cuts and reorganisation - RMT comments on London Underground document

If you click here, you can download London Underground management's presentation about their plans for job cuts and re-organisation. You can also read RMT comments on the section about station staffing. Below, you can read comments from our managers' and admin staff rep about that section of the document.

Proposed Management Organisation

There will be a reduction of 7 GSM positions and 5 TOM positions.

Kenton One-Under. An Update

At the hastily arranged ad hoc meeting on Tuesday to discuss our concerns the “heroic” actions of the agency staff were mentioned by the management team of Messrs Smith, Senior, Cullen and Toplis. They were of the opinion a commendation was in order. We countered with its not a commendation she should receive, it’s a full time job she should be awarded with. With LUL. With the requisite pay increase. And with full and adequate training to be able to carry out the important tasks necessary of a station worker.

Model resolution for Trades Council and trade union branches - SOS: Staff Our Stations

RMT faces a vital struggle to stop London Underground's plans to cut 7-800 jobs. We would like the support of the wider trade union movement.

If you are a member of another trade union, or if you are a delegate to a trades council (borough TUC), please consider proposing a resolution on this subject to your next meeting. You may like to base it on the draft below.


Resolution - SOS: Staff Our Stations