BBC Have Your Say: "Do the Unions Have Too Much Power?"

The BBC, in their 'Have Your Say' section, are asking the question "Do The Unions Have Too Much Power?"

The BBC is asking this following the Unite Union's British Airways cabin crew strike, and the possibility of an RMT strike with National Rail Signal Workers over job cuts and detrimental shift changes. The question also follows reports about the funding of the Labour Party by Unite Union.

Unite video - 'Cabin crew: The truth'

The comments seem fairly balanced so far (which could of course be down to the BBC's moderation of comments); but unlike a lot of these comment pieces in the press it makes for an interesting read.

None of the comments really touch on the issue of Unites funding of the Labour Party. There is a comment piece on that from The Observer:

"Part of the Tories' aim in highlighting Unite's role was to counter Labour's attack over Lord Ashcroft's donations. There is no comparison. The unions – the central force in the founding of the Labour party – receive their money from millions of members who voluntarily pay a political levy, a far cry from one billionaire donor bankrolling a party as a non-dom."

The Sun had a field day with this story. Most of their articles regarding unions funding of Labour were accompanied by a giant photo of RMT General Secretary Bob Crow. They omitted to mention that the RMT isn't affiliated with the Labour Party!