Kenton One-Under. An Update

At the hastily arranged ad hoc meeting on Tuesday to discuss our concerns the “heroic” actions of the agency staff were mentioned by the management team of Messrs Smith, Senior, Cullen and Toplis. They were of the opinion a commendation was in order. We countered with its not a commendation she should receive, it’s a full time job she should be awarded with. With LUL. With the requisite pay increase. And with full and adequate training to be able to carry out the important tasks necessary of a station worker. This incident demonstrates the need for all LUL stations to have properly trained and properly qualified staff. The savage cuts outlined in last week’s hatchet job on our colleague’s positions on the stations would mean more of this type of incident. Its not that we have an issue with agency staff. We have an issue with LUL not fulfilling their promises from the JWP on the North end of the Bakerloo Line. 2 years on and still we have the ridiculous scenario of agency staff working alongside LUL staff at inferior rates of pay and conditions. With differing levels of training. Enough is enough LUL. Get full time properly trained station staff on all of the Wembley Group. NOW!!