Olympic Recognition And Reward – Transport For London

We note the report from our Regional Organiser. At ACAS yesterday (26 March), RMT made clear that in
order to proceed with talks we need a statement from management that no RMT members will be forced to break Framework Agreements. This has not yet been forthcoming from management, and until it is, all talks are adjourned.

We look forward to LU management making this statement in order that talks can proceed promptly to establish acceptable working conditions and reward for London Underground staff during the Olympics, in order to ensure effective transport provision contributing to a successful Olympics and Paralympics.

We reiterate that we seek an adequate financial reward for employees in all grades, and while we will discuss working requirements for the Olympics period, we will not agree to changes to our Framework Agreements.

We note that our Regional Organiser and negotiating team have also made further proposals to management, including: a guarantee of no job cuts after the Games; retention after the Games of the right to representation at fact-finding meetings in APD, and the extension of this to all functions; ICSAs not to be counted towards minimum numbers and to be used on the ‘unpaid’ side of the barrier only; and engineering workers facing lay off during the Games to be given priority opportunity for Games work.

We note the legal advice received regarding the LU/ASLEF ‘deal’ for LU drivers which includes unacceptable changes to the Framework Agreement, including 9-hour driving duties. RMT has not agreed to this ‘deal’, which has not gone through the full process in that it has not been ratified at Company Council. The legal advice confirms that there are only limited methods by which LU may try to impose changes to terms and conditions on our members without their consent and that LU is unlikely to be able to use any of these, and anticipates that this union will “advise members that the changes are unlawful and they can work their existing terms”.

We instruct the General Secretary to advise London Underground that this union believes that the company can not lawfully impose these Framework Agreement changes on our members, and urging LU to enter into talks to agree Olympic working and reward without Framework changes; and to write to members advising them of this position.

We further note that our Fleet representatives are particularly concerned about management’s actions in
preparing for the Olympics in the absence of an agreement on Olympic reward and working conditions, and wish for a ballot for industrial action short of strikes in pursuit of this dispute. We instruct the General Secretary to hold a ballot for industrial action short of strikes of all members in the London Underground fleet functions.

The issue to be placed back in front of us in the event of any developments.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

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