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Camden 3 branch proposes ballot over lack of cover on Hendon Central Group



The following resolution has been received from Camden 3 Branch:-


“I propose that the Hendon Central Group now consider balloting for strike action and action short of strikes. This proposal arises as a result of lack of adequate CSA and Night Tube CSA coverage on the group. The amount of CSS2 Lone Working at stations is totally unacceptable. Despite bringing this issue up at numerous Level 1's, managements' position remains entrenched. Indeed, they admit that they are powerless to change the business model: “Fit for the Future, Stations”.


Senior management are quite clearly putting the protection of revenue streams over the Health and Safety of its staff and passengers. The result is an unsafe railway!!”.


The National Executive Committee has noted the resolution regarding the lack of adequate cover for stations on the Hendon Central Group resulting in unsatisfactory practices such as unacceptable levels of lone working. The NEC opposes the Company putting cost above passenger and staff safety and has taken the decision to seek a report from the Lead Officer regarding this issue. I will keep Branches advised of all further developments.