ETF Women's Committee: section and country reports

The ETF Women's Committee meeting on 19-20 March 2014 heard the following reports:


Civil aviation
Unions are campaigning for a non-punitive reporting system, and demanding consistency of workplace rules across all grades, from cabin crew (female-dominated) to pilots (male-dominated).


  • Working in ports is very ‘women-unfriendly’. The unions are raising two main issues: the recruitment of women to port jobs; and improving working conditions for women.

Report: European Parliament Public Hearing on Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality

On Wednesday 18 March, the ETF Women’s Committee attended a public hearing on Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality, held by the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality. Click this link for event information, including some of the speakers' presentations. The afternoon was divided into two sessions, each addressed by a panel of speakers followed by a question-and-answer session.

March RMTlondoncalling newsletter

The latest edition of rmtlondoncalling is attached
Please download and distribute around your workplace

Johnson steps up the ante - Piccadilly line to be "driver free" by 2016

Ticket offices actually account for 20% of tickets sold, not 3% as Cameron and LUL want us to believe

Tubelines staff at Northfields DT to be balloted

Cleaners to ballot over fingerprinting issue

World class tube = world class queues

This is the queue at Kings Cross on Sat Feb 22
Not sure where it starts - but an average wait was reported to be over 15 minutes
How can we treat our customers so shabbily?
And what should we do to rectify?
Open more ticket office windows, don't close them all would be the appropriate answer if the customer experience was really the driving force behind LUL modernisation plans
Not a politically driven dogma to reduce staff cuts by 30%

Voluntary severance- just doesn’t add up

The RMT principal on voluntary severance is pretty clear; we are against it as we don’t believe it’s our job to sell. That was the reason we fought so hard for the job for life deal
Not only does selling our jobs make life more difficult for those left behind as they struggle to cope with ever increasing workloads, it also does not make economic sense.
The measly amounts LUL are looking to give to staff wanting to go under this flawed VS system do not stack up.
Think about it. £30,000 lump sum? Got another job that pays same/similar to LUL- lucky you

Justice for Mark Harding- Hammersmith Stn 25 Feb 0845

I am sure you are all aware that Mark was the victim of police and judicial provocation that is a threat to the human, civil and trade union rights of every worker in Britain.

Mark was arrested and held for 13 hours by police for exercising his right to be on a picket line at Hammersmith during the strike by RMT and TSSA members in the current dispute against LUL/TfL's planned service and job cuts.

Report: TUC Disabled Workers' Committee meeting, 6 February

The meeting took place on the final day of our 48-hour strike on London Underground and TfL. The Committee agreed to send a message of support to RMT and TSSA, and Committee members held a brief protest (in the pouring rain!) outside Tottenham Court Road station after the meeting. Photos of the protest have been circulated widely on social media.

Duplicitous consultation

The strikes were suspended earlier this week as a result of discussion and agreement at ACAS
The details are pretty much well known and will involve the Trade Unions sitting down with LUL and openly and honestly assessing the impact of ticket office closures, amongst other things, at every station across the combine
Rhetoric from LUL CEO and the mayor in the last 2 days show how little these people think of meaningful consultation
Brown states any ticket offices remaining open would be the exception rather than the rule

Every job matters - next steps

Fantastic support from all our members

A magnificent effort by all RMT members in supporting the action over the last 2 days
Despite the lies and half-truths pedalled by LUL management and the anti -trade union media we have shown that with solidarity and unity our stance is absolutely the right one.
We stood firm and had a massive impact on services.
Mike Brown lied on BBC news when he said the RMT had not turned up for talks at ACAS with LUL in the lead up to the strikes. He suggested he was talking to an empty chair