Latest proposals - the facts

TSSA has sent out a misleading bulletin which says that all supervisors will get CSM jobs. This is absolutely not the case.

Here is RMT's breakdown of what is actually on offer and how it will affect each grade.

- SS1/SS2 - Guaranteed a CSM position but location and CSM grading (1 or 2) decided by LU on assessment.

- SSMF/SS3 - Guaranteed CSS post but while most SSMF/SS3s work in outer zones the CSS jobs will be mainly in Zone 1.

Blog: LUL Believes They Should Pay Top Earners More

The RMT has made a number of proposals to London Underground of alternatives to job cuts and ticket office closures. All of these have been rejected by the company. One issue raised was bosses pay. In 2012/13, TfL paid 328 people more than £100k. RMT calculate that if this was capped at £100k, £15m would be saved per year.

In response to our proposal, London Underground wrote to the RMT to defend the bosses high pay, citing ‘total annual pay, ‘Long-term incentives’ and ‘Total Direct Compensation’ to name a few. TfL told us they believe that their managers are probably not paid enough:

The strikes are coming

Newsletter produced by Engineering branch
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The Coming Strikes: Why Support Them?
Q: Why Support the Strikes or be in RMT?
A: The RMT or any union is only as strong as its members!
The RMT is a strong union. With YOU we will be Stronger. Without YOU we will be weaker!
Right now LU are attacking Station Staff. They have also announced job cuts on the Lines for Signal & Track Staff with more to come

Latest edition of RMT londoncalling

Update on the dispute;

Talks have brought:

NO station-by-station review, as promised

NO reduction in the number of jobs to be cut

revelations of even greater inequality and worsening conditions

only minor changes to LUL’s plans

LUL rejecting RMT’s alternative proposals

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Special joint meeting sponsored by Jubilee South, H&C and Morden & Oval branches
At Exmouth Arms 1600 Wednesday 23 April
All members welcome

Stand together and fight for what's right
This is the fight of our lives for our jobs now and in the future
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Latest edition of RMT Platform

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Unions force management to reveal extent of cuts plans affecting every grade. LU isn’t budging yet....
Get ready to strike again!
Talks give us 5 reasons to keep fighting
-Huge scale displacements
-Lower grades disadvantaged
-more work. less customer service
- fewer front line staff

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Defend Our Rep Ian Stewart

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Why is London Underground sponsoring a complaint made by the owner of this offensive avatar that adorns the twitter account of the ludicrously named "busting4aslash"? Mr. Slash is a troll. Mr. Slash has
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ETF Women's Committee - Campaigns and Other Business

More from the ETF Women's Committee meeting on 19-20 March 2014

  • Women's Health and Safety at Work
  • Violence Against Women
  • International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) report
  • Women's representation
  • Membership questionnaire
  • Training package
  • European TUC report
  • Rule changes
  • Study on discrimination
  • Next meeting

    Women's Health and Safety at Work