Latest edition of RMT londoncalling - JWP update

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hard copies will be available from Unity House on Wednesday Oct.1 and at the reps meeting on Thursday Oct.2

EJM - Talks update

RMT negotiators have had further meetings with LUL over the last week or so.
Whilst it is true LUL have not completely capitulated and agreed to throw the whole of the FFFS proposals in the bin, we have gained significant concessions;




• SS1 to be mapped over to CSM1

• SS2 to be mapped over to CSM2

• SSMFS/3 to be mapped over to CSS1

• SAMFS/SCRAS to be mapped over to CSS2

When we pressed them on gaining new licences for safety critical roles we were promised all staff would be given learning needs analysis, and would receive development to place them in roles consummate with their pay.
The minimal displacement proposal is for them not moving us more than 30 mins from current location.

No movement on 953 job cuts or ticket office closures.

Job losses and ticket office closures are still being bulldozed through by LU. The loss of 953 posts means station workers will struggle to serve the customers.
Having to look after up to 10 POM's and possibly 2 gate lines at once is a real concern. It would be criminal for any Union to agree to job losses on this scale.
We must show the employer we are prepared to take action to defend our jobs.

Public sector works are out in October – Why we should join them

We should fight each and every ticket office closing locally with politically led campaigns backed up with industrial action. But we shouldn’t wait until they are at the stations with their supermarket chums with click and collect pop up shops.
We must consider stepping up the industrial action.
There is no doubt the Overtime ban and the threats of strikes in October have focused the employers mind.
On October14 & 15 a million public sector workers are taking action. We are in the public sector; we should look to join them.
We have won some things - there is still much up for grabs.
The reps meeting on October 2 is crucial in our next steps. Our message to the EC – listen to the members

COO Training Reorganisation


The RMT has NOT agreed to progress the preferencing and selection process for trainer roles. In fact we recorded a failed to agree and are meeting with ACAS next Friday.
Should members be called to these meetings the advice is to decline and advise management that agreement has not been reached with their union and that talks at ACAS are still being held.
For further advice and information, please speak to your local reps.

We still have an action short of in place and further action will be discussed at the reps meeting on Thursday October 2, 1000 at Conway hall, Red Lion Sq.
Reports will be given from the Regional Organiser and members of the JWP negotiating team

“With effect from 00.01 hours on Wednesday 24th September 2014, until further notice, Station Grades Members, Revenue Protection and Duty Station Manager Grades Members are instructed not to work any overtime.”
The overtime ban and the threat of further action in October has definitely had an impact on LUL.
We need to make sure we keep the pressure up in the lead up into any strike action.
It would be helpful if the other union in the stations dispute also declared its hand .Our job of work is to convince everyone working on our stations, that by supporting our industrial action it is beneficial to their long term job security, terms & conditions.