RMT cleaners - special dispute meeting

As you know Interserve have taken over the contract from Initial and it hasn't taken long for a dispute situation to arise.

The issues we are in dispute are as follows;

Pay being withheld deliberately - we have already had 1 walkout over this.
Abuse of the machinery
Bullying and harassment by management

Our cleaner reps and activists are not prepared to stand idly by and let management ride roughshod over their members.

A meeting has been called for : 1600 WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 19 ROOM 1 UNITY HOUSE

It is important the whole region show support for the stance taken by our cleaners.

Unity is strength, please try to come along and show support to this critical dispute

I look forward to seeing you

Wednesday 19 November at Unity House,39 Chalton St, London NW1 1 JD

Solidarity wins

Eamonn Lynch
LT Reg Sec