JLE PED isolation - if it aint broke dont fix it

Why replace a safe system with a high risk dangerous one? The RMT is very concerned by the dangerous plans by management on the Jubilee Line to alter our procedure for isolating a defective Platform Edge Door. We believe a member of staff must be positioned by an isolated platform edge door is essential to maintaining a safe operation.
Station staff are the eyes and ears for drivers in these situations, and their absence can lead to dangerous situations and possible injuries - most notably to children, visually impaired people and mobility impaired people.

Women (and men) workers in Finland's transport industry

On the first day of the ETF Women's Committee meeting, several Finnish transport trade unionists attended as guests, including women from the logistics, shipping, rail and salaried sectors. We also had a presentation from Tapio Bergholm, who has written a history of Finnish transport workers. The Finnish member of the ETF Women's Committee is Satu, from the Finnish Seamen's Union, who was elected one of the two Vice-Chairs of the Committee.

Driverless trains: a warning from Helsinki

The underground railway (Metro) in Finland's capital city Helsinki is due to go 'driverless' in 2016. I discussed this with Finnish trade unionists Jussi and Satu, and heard a story that has important lessons for London Underground workers and passengers trying to prevent the same calamity happening in London.

The proposal to introduce driverless operation on the Helsinki Metro was first raised in 2007. The trade unions opposed it (note that as city council employees, the Metro workers are members of the public sector trade union rather than a transport union).

Why cant LUL open ticket offices as advertised?

London Underground continually fails to open ticket offices because of staff shortages, as the board in the picture testifies.
How can it be thus, there were 33 agency workers sacked by LUL earlier this year? These workers were ticket office clerks, staff who would have been able to open ticket offices that LUL claim they have not enough staff for.

Say no to ticket office closures

Say no to ticket office closures and fare rises.

Sign the petition to say no to yet another inflation-busting fares hike and staff cuts & ticket office closures at Balham, Tooting Bec and Tooting Broadway
Under Mayor Boris Johnson tube and bus fares in London have become the most expensive anywhere in the world. Not only are you paying more, you are getting worse value for your money. The Mayor has plans to cut staff and close Balham, Tooting Bec and Tooting Broadway ticket offices – making commuting more difficult and less safe.

Defend our rep

East Ham Branch meeting to defend victimised rep Gary Woolf
Thursday September 6 at 1700
Spotted Dog PH, Barking

Gary completed the first part of the Drugs and alcohol random test (breathalyser) but could not provide a specimen of urine within the time allocated.

Station grades recruitment & organising day 29th August 2013

EJM = every job matters

The recent leaked briefing document that showed ALL ticket offices would be closed in LUL plans show what a sham the EJM engagement event was.
The management were adamant that the staff would dictate the improvements to how we do our jobs
How many of those attending EJM suggested shutting ticket offices?
Or introducing mobile supervisors?
None that I spoke to. None, in the breakdown of what was discussed at the EJM
We must now start the campaign to fight back against these attacks on our jobs and our future terms and conditions

Wembley Central group - vacancy for a H&S rep


There is currently a vacancy for a health and safety rep on the Wembley Central Group.

The Bakerloo Branch will be looking to run an election for this vital position at the next Branch meeting, on the 2nd of September, 16.00, Red Lion PH, Kingly Street, London (nearest tube station, Oxford Circus)

If you are interested in standing for this position then please contact either the Branch Secretary or the Branch Chair prior to the meeting.


In the face of LU's recently-declared intention to implement MOBILE STATION SUPERVISION on ex-Silverlink stations, the planned closure of Whitechapel and potentially Vauxhall and Temple ticket offices, it's time to ramp up our organising efforts.

To this end, there are two important events next week:

1. Stations Recruitment Day. Thursday 25th July. District Line. Meet 1030, Whitechapel Station. With LU intending to close Whitechapel ticket office, it's vital to boost the membership and morale on District Line stations.

Speaking Out about Autism at Work

This is the speech I gave at TUC Disabled Workers' Conference in proposing RMT's resolution on Autism in the Workplace.

Andrew Beck has Asperger syndrome, an autistic spectrum condition. He was a golf club greenkeeper for 13 years with no problems, until a new boss bullied, humiliated and assaulted him, and forced him out of his job. Andrew won £78k at Employment Tribunal

Adam O’Dee has autism and dyslexia. He got a job through Remploy as a hotel chef. His boss bullied him and paid him half the minimum wage. Adam won £40k+ at employment Tribunal.