Remembering The 173 Who Died At Bethnal Green Tube Station

The Bethnal Green tube shelter disaster turned out to be the worst civilian disaster of World War 2, yet very few people know about it.

The Central line had not reached further East than Liverpool Street when the 2nd World war broke out, so work on the unfinished Bethnal Green underground station stopped. It was a natural place for East Londoners to shelter in safety from the bombs, particularly during the Blitz. There was no track and no trains could run through it, so it could accommodate up to 10,000 people sleeping on the platforms, in the tunnels and in the pit where the track would normally have been. Unlike the present 3 entrance/exits to the station there was only one entrance to the shelter during the war. You went through a narrow doorway that opened out straight onto the rough, wide steps, that were open to the elements so there could be no light to show the way down otherwise enemy planes would have seen it.

Justice for the 33 the fight goes on- Demo outside Windsor Hse HQ of TfL 24 Jan 0800

On 19 December 2012 London Underground sacked 33 agency workers who had been employed on LUL contracts for the past 5 years. They were denied applying for jobs that were available on LUL despite the agency workers regs expressly forbidding this.

We`re back! Hammersmith 0800 Monday Jan 21 Justice for the 33

We have been used. We have been abused. We have been refused
We will not be ignored and we will not go away.
The evidence is absolutely clear.
There is no reasonable explanation for LUL not to give the 33 RMT workers sacked a job.
A job they have been doing for 5 years.
Now LUL will spend in excess of £333,000 to replace 33 workers on the Bakerloo and District lines.
Its the economics of the madhouse.
Sack the agency not the workers. Justice for the 33.

Justice for the 33. The fight goes on. Soup kitchen outside Broadway Jan 15 0800

J33 Campaign

We told you we aren’t going away and we mean it
Following 3 well attended demos at Wembley Central and Broadway these last 7 days, the fight continues tomorrow, Jan 15 at 0800 where a soup kitchen will be set up outside the head offices of London Underground in Broadway SW1

Tory minister Chris Grayling offered support for our member’s at todays demo and was asked to intervene in preventing 33 workers wanting to work being sent to sign on at the jobcentre.

Blog: 150 Year's Of London Underground

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the first London Underground line. The first line opened on January 10 1863, between Paddington and Farringdon as envisaged by Charles Pearsen. Briefly an MP for Lambeth, Peasons proposal was "to facilitate the improvement of the social conditions of City workers by enabling them to commute into London on cheap trains from new residential developments of good quality, cheap homes built outside the capital."

LBC 97.3FM to highlight the justice for the 33 camapign

Tomorrow morning at 0650 the LBC breakfast show on 97.3 FM will be highlighting our campaign for the injustice suffered by 33 RMT agency workers sacked by LUL on 19 December 2012.

AGS Steve Hedley will be putting our case for us.
Please try and listen in and get involved in the debate.
Phone: 0845 60 60 973
Text: 84850
Twitter: @lbc973

Sack the agency not the workers
Justice for the 33

Sack the agency, not the workers. Justice for the 33!

The ruthless and callous sacking of 33 RMTagency memebrs just before Xmas has stirred some very raw emotions among ordinary rank and file memebrs.
There is a demo on Mon Jan 7.1300hrs at Wembley Central station
Badges, placards, banners and T shirts are all being made, it looks like Monday could be a noisy and vibrant demo
Make sure you are part of it
Badges will be available for all

Blog: 2011 Census

Data from the 2011 UK and Wales census was recently released. The Office for National Statistics which oversees the process says the census "help paint a picture of the nation and how we live. They provide a detailed snapshot of the population and its characteristics, and underpin funding allocation to provide public services."

A number of reports have been compiled from the findings covering London. Notably these include the 'GLA Intelligence Unit' reports into the Labour Market, Housing, Ethnic Diversity and Health & Unpaid Care findings of the cencus.

November RMT Platform Issue

The latest RMT platform newsletter is attached. Please download, print and display at your work place.
There are details of the recruitment day, meeting at Stratfrod at 1000 on 29th Novemeber.
This month we highlight the start of the SS grade defence campaign, how we need to organise our strategy to defend our jobs, terms and conditions.

There are also issues from around the combine.
If you have a story or article you wish to have in the next rmtplatform please let us know and we will include it for you. See rmtplatform for contact details.