Fit For London?

For some the jaunt up to Stratford has been a jolly old jape. Day off from your duty, no uniform, trip round the Olympic site, the only downside, having to listen to the LUL propaganda machine telling us how wonderful the world will be post Olympics. Happy days indeed.

Blog: How Much Snow Is Too Much? When Trains Are Stalled And People Walked Along The Track

On Saturday night the predicted heavy snow brought much of the tube to a halt. Efforts were made to keep the service running and get passengers safely home by staff working that evening. However was the inevitable - trains being stuck in snow between stations - ignored until it was too late?

RMT Platform

Click on the attachment to read the latest edition of RMTPlatform.

Included in this edition are LULs plans to have station staff flogging their guts out 24/7 for a few measly quid?
Thankfully ASLE&F we are not!!
The RMT have turned down flat this insulting and divisive offer.

Also read some questions you may wish Mr Browns boys to answer when taken to Stratford for your indoctrination/fit for work gathering.* delete as appropriate

Station and Revenue Grades Committee

• AGM on 23 February 2102 1430 at the Exmouth Arms, Starcross St, NW1, we will elect Chair and Secretary of committee. Nominations welcome.
• Come along and hear your level 2/Tier 2 reps report back, discuss and get advice.
• Olympic deal latest.
• All RMT Revenue & Station Staff Welcome.
• It’s your union, your job, come along and have your say



Elaine Holness Employment Tribunal 6/2/12

Elaine Holness Employment Tribunal February 6 2012

Elaine will finally get her chance to have her case heard at the Employment Tribunal in West Croydon on Monday Feb 6. Please make every effort to come down and support our comrade who has been treated so disgracefully since March 2009 by LUL and until we secure her re-instatement the victimisation dispute should not be considered closed.

Next Train Grade Committee meeting

All driver members are invited to the next Train Grades Committee meeting to be held at Unity House on Thursday 26th starting at 1430.

Items on the agenda

Olympic rewards negotiations for which there is no agreement at present with RMT
LUL's plans for driverless trains
Other reports from stage two reps
Line reports(what's happening in your depot)
Any issue you want to raise.

It's your union, your job, find out what is happenning and have your say.

Hope to see you there.

Dean O'Hanlon

Increased Use of Tunnelling For HS2 Hasn't Satisfied Opponents

The government has confirmed plans to push ahead with the high speed rail link which will cut journey times between Birmingham and London, and later Leeds and Manchester significantly.

The DfT consulted 52,000 people on the £32 billion plans announced today but some are unhappy. To mitigate against loss of homes and damage to the countryside the length of tunnelled sections of the line have been increased. However this hasn't been enough to satisfy some groups such as Green Peace, The Countryside Alliance and many constituencies that the route will pass through.

Tory Chair Of Anti Union Group TURC Sacked From Government Following Nazi Uniform Stag Party

The Trade Union Reform Campaign chairperson, Tory MP Aiden Burley, has been sacked from his government post following a stag party he attended where another guest wore a Nazi SS officer uniform. It has been reported that Burley hired the uniform for his friend himself.

The union busting group TURC which Burley heads is campaigning against union officials getting paid release and for 'a greater element of democratic legitimacy.' Effectively aims that would make it impossible for unions to represent members or to successfully ballot for industrial action.