November RMT Platform Issue

The latest RMT platform newsletter is attached. Please download, print and display at your work place.
There are details of the recruitment day, meeting at Stratfrod at 1000 on 29th Novemeber.
This month we highlight the start of the SS grade defence campaign, how we need to organise our strategy to defend our jobs, terms and conditions.

There are also issues from around the combine.
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RMT Protest At Russian Embassy Against Attacks On LGBT Rights

The RMT held a protest outside the Russian Federation Embassy in Kensington to voice our disgust at the governments attacks on gay rights and to voice our support for LGBT people in the country.

RMT's activists organised leafleting and a demo at the embassy on Tuesday. As the building is in a private road we were ushered to a site prepared by the police who were ready for with barriers in place.

Regional recruitment day



EC member Janine Booth, RO Brian Whitehead & Dave Marshall from org unit are coming along to kick off the SS grade defence campaign.

Come along and support this important event. All grades welcome.



• Next meeting 29/11/ 2012 1430 at the Exmouth Arms, Starcross St, NW1, nearest stn Euston/Euston sq
• Come along and hear your level 2/Tier 2 reps report back.
SS grade defence campaign
• All Revenue & Station Staff Welcome

The legality of a 'general' strike, striking against the Condem Government

An interesting article from The Institute of Employment Rights on a topic which was much discussed at the Global Labour Institute Summer School 2012 which some RMT young members attended.

Days of Action:

"As the TUC opens its discussion for 2012, this IER Briefing from Keith Ewing and John Hendy argues that increased protest action against government austerity measures are defendable in Court with reference to the European Convention on Human Rights.

Revenue & Station Grades Meeting


• Next meeting 27 September 2102 1430 at the Exmouth Arms, Star St, NW1

• Come along and hear your level 2/Tier 2 reps report back.

• Discuss where we go after the Olympics

• Defend Ticket office jobs

• How the nomination process could affect you

• It’s your union, your job come along and have your say



Blog: RMT Members Join London Pride

The RMT had a strong presence at this years World Pride, held in London for the first time. It was also the fortieth anniversary of the first Pride parade held in London, and veterans from what would have been a very different protest for gay rights led what has largely become a celebration of LGBT liberation and values. The RMT group was attended by Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual members as well other members who wanted to demonstrate their and the unions support for equality. This including General Secretary Bob Crow whose attendance was filmed for BBC News. Continue reading to watch the RMTv video

Bloggy Report- RMT Young Members 2012 AGM Course

Each year the RMT hold an Annual General Meeting, this is where delegates from each region act as the supreme governing body of the union, alongside this event the RMT also runs a young members AGM educational course.

I joined a group of young members from all over the country who work in a variety of grades, there were cleaners on London underground, supervisors, train operators, p-way, and station assistants- almost half of the group came from London. Most young members there had little to do with the union before this and were curious to see what it was all about.

The course itself was funded by the union in recognition that the union needs to regularly involve as well as educate its young members as they are the future (and the present.) My employer did not pay me for the week away but the union covered my loss of earnings as well as travel, accommodation and food expenses so I had nothing to lose by attending.

Blog: Thousands of Bus Workers Take Solid Strike Action

Picket at Westham by 'Busworker' Blog

Thousands of London bus workers are taking industrial action today in a dispute over a fair bonus for the extra workload during the Olympics.

Around 85% of the bus workforce from 17 companies are involved in the action today, with TfL listing scores of bus routes as affected, were they say cycling or walking would be the better option. Presumably they don't suggest using the tube as there is a risk of services being dangerously overcrowded.

RMTPlatform June 2012

Click on the attachment for the latest RMTplatform edition.
In this issue we highlight the future LUL have for supervisor grades with regards to mobile supervision, the cleaner’s campaign for a fair and decent living wage as well as an Olympic bonus.
Other articles include the deal reached by RMT for an Olympic bonus for its members that requires no framework breaches.
Please download and print and feel free to distribute in your workplace.