The olympic deal and what it means to you.

This document outlines what LUL want you to give up and how it would affect you personally. Please feel free to download and print to distribute to members.

Our framework is NOT for sale.

LU’s Olympic Offer what it means to you.

London Underground’s insult of an offer for ‘Rewarding’ its station staff during the Olympics in return for selling out our framework is a disgrace, and below is how it would impact on you.

UN Secretary General Says 'Time Has Come' To End Violence And Discrimination Against LGBT People

Earlier this month UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon told delegates of a Human Rights Council meeting that the time has come to end violence and discrimination against LGBT people around the world.

All Out, who campaign around the world for LGBT freedoms have made a remix video of the speech.

Moon said "We see a pattern of violence and discrimination directed at people just because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. People have been imprisoned, tortured, even killed."


The next meeting of the Station Grades takes place on Thursday 29 March 2012 at the Exmouth Arms, Star Street London NW1, nearest stations Euston/Euston Square. The meeting starts at 1430.

• Next meeting on 29 March 2102 1430 at the Exmouth Arms, Star St, NW1
• Come along and hear your level 2/Tier 2 reps report back.
• All Revenue & Station Staff Welcome
• It’s your union, your job come along and have your say
• Olympics Special: Q&A session on ACAS talks

ACAS talks aimed at resolving tube Olympics recognition and reward collapse with LUL demanding even more strings

TUBE UNION RMT said today that five days of talks at conciliation service ACAS aimed at resolving the dispute over Olympics recognition and reward for all London Underground staff have broken down after LUL attempted to impose even more strings.

Concrete piece thrown at Metropolitan Line Tube train

Taken from

A piece of concrete was thrown at a Metropolitan Line train from a bridge in north-west London, police said.

The fist-sized piece was thrown at the Tube train on 29 February from Highfield Road Bridge as the driver was pulling into Northwood station.

The concrete piece dented the front of the train, but no-one was injured, the British Transport Police (BTP) said.

BTP officers are also investigating the theft of railway cable on Jubilee Line from Queensbury early on Monday.

Train Driver Saves Child's Life

Last weekend on the Jubilee Line a drivers quick actions saved the life of a young child. Just as the driver was about to leave the platform at Finchley Road, he spotted a small hand coming up from the track on his CCTV and realised that someone had fallen from the platform.

Had it been a driverless train, then it would have departed as all the sytems indications were that it was safe to do so, and this story of heroism would be one of tragedy.

RMT Platform Feb 2012

Please find attached the latest copy of RMT Platform .Download and print copies for your messrooms and union noticeboards. Read about how the Revenue & Station Grades are working for the memebrs and how and where you can get involved.Its your union,its important for you to have your say.