Defending and improving conditions

Campaigning for better working conditions

Trains Management Update

Your reps met again with the company on Wednesday (23/11/16), where we finally were given answers to some of the many questions we raised at the start of October. The discussions centred around the impact on our members, particulary the issues of pay, pensions and severence.

Tube Lines members win 'excellent settlement' due to strong yes vote in ballot


Further to my previous Circular (Ref: IR/212/16, 29th July 2016), I advised you of the magnificent vote of our members in favour of taking industrial action. A subsequent meeting of our relevant representatives was held at Unity House at which it was reported that the two disciplinary cases had now been dealt with at the appeal stage and our members were happy with the outcome.

Interim Transfer and Promotion Process

The recent letters sent out by LUL  to  all stations staff who are presently shown as either " Over-Established" or " Covering- Down" at their current locations is for reference purposes only and no member of staff should take any further action on it. The Stations Functional Council is currently still in a formal process of negotiation with LUL over a possible agreed Interim Transfer and Promotion Process and, until this has been officially signed off by the RMT, they should disregard any communications received from LUL Management.

Victoria Line Night Tube Ballot Called Off


Further to my previous Circular (IR/200/16, 19th July 2016), I informed the Company of the dispute situation between us over the proposed rosters for Victoria Line Train Operator and Instructor Operator members. Since then, further meetings have taken place with the Company and RMT Reps. LUL has offered an additional review of the new rosters after eight weeks although Reps can also continue to raise any immediate concerns in the usual way.