RMT continues push for compensation for leapfrogged Night Tube drivers

Movements Committee Director's Meeting Update

On Monday morning we have the director's meeting to discuss the leap-frogging situation. As stated previously the RMT are requesting that all affected drivers who have been disadvantaged by being leap-frogged be properly compensated. This issue will be discussed in detail with the directors. I will update you on the outcome of the director's meeting and any progress that is made. If management fail to do the right thing and pay the affected drivers then we will be looking at escalating this through the machinery process as we will not stand by and have our members treated with contempt.

It's pivotal to remember that the RMT Night Tube drivers stay united as we have achieved so much for this grade and have fought and won to let you have the choice to work on NYE for the enhanced payment which other drivers receive when it falls on Friday and Saturdays.

We have a united negotiations team who always work together to achieve the best for our membership.

Please come down to your next branch meeting as issues like this are discussed in great detail.