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RMT insist Interserve doesn't implement new contract whilst consultation continues


A copy of a new contract that Interserve intend to introduce for staff on its LUL contract has recently been received and an initial consultation process has commenced. To date, one meeting has taken place with the Company and the Lead Officer has already had cause to write to Interserve to insist that there is no implementation until the consultation process has concluded. The Union will continue to monitor this situation and I will keep Branches advised of all further developments.

Docklands Light railway cleaners to strike


Further to my previous Circular (IR/111/16, 14th April 2016), members are congratulated for an overwhelming ‘YES’ vote for taking strike action and action short of a strike. Following consultation with the DLR Branch and Lead Officer, the National Executive Committee has taken the decision to instruct all RMT Cleaner and Cleaning Supervisor members at Interserve (KAD) NOT TO BOOK ON FOR ANY SHIFTS THAT COMMENCE BETWEEN:-

RMT to Tory mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith: threaten our travel benefits and we will ballot for strike


The following resolution has recently been received from our Central Line West Branch:-

“This Branch notes the appalling attacks that have been public made by Conservative Mayoral candidate Zak Goldsmith against tube workers. This includes a threat to withdraw the long held travel passes for staff family members. Whoever is Mayor, we will not accept any attack on our terms and conditions.

This Branch demands

Tory multi-millionaire Zac Goldsmith is threatening the long-established travel concessions for hard-working London transport workers

RMT hits back at Tory multi-millionaire Goldsmith's attack on London Transport workers’ travel concessions

It has been reported today that Conservative mayoral candidate Zak Goldsmith whose wealth is estimated at between £200-£300 million, would consider taking away travel concessions of TfL workers.

Goldsmith  said he would use the 'saving' to pay for more BTP. Ironically it is Tory cuts which are the biggest threat to police numbers.

RMT Upfront March / April 2016 - news for tube drivers

Upfront is the RMT newsletter for drivers on the London Underground.  Please share it online and distribute it at your depot.

In this edition:

  • Night Tube Update: What will it mean for me?
  • Four Day Week Trial
  • RMT Women's Membership and Participation Survey
  • Piccadilly Strike Solid
  • Reporting Incidents
  • Spare Rails
  • New Shoes
  • Workplace Violence
  • Upgrades News
  • Join us at Trains Grades




Piccadilly strike remains on due to 'out of control' management

Dear RMT members,

This afternoon I have received a letter from LUL on the above. After waiting 6 days for any contact.

We made it clear at ACAS last week that our three (with three aslef as well) 6 in total victimised members at Oakwood need to be exonerated before the strike called for tomorrow. They've had at least 6 days from acas and weeks before that as well with all other issues to be resolved.

This has not been offered. An appeal for one member which is a legal entitlement is all that is forthcoming, as well as a meeting for another case and an acas review.

Trains Functional Update: Night Tube and Four Day Week Trial

As you all maybe aware we are now in the process of working together with LUL to sort out the detail regarding the staffing of Night Tube, such as their contracts and rosters. This includes how they will be managed on Nights, transfers and moves and ways for them to progress from part time drivers to full time and their future development. We are also going to have to work out what will happen to depots with existing Nights as well as Night Tube duties, because depots with existing night duties will now NOT be working on Friday and Saturday night as these will be Night Tube duties only.