Defending and improving conditions

Campaigning for better working conditions

Central Line East branch prepares to defend tube drivers who face forced depot move


Further to my previous Circular (IR/051, 3rd March 2016), the following resolution has been received from Central Line East Branch:-

“This Branch intends to defend our Train Operators in our area who are threatened with being unjustly displaced to other depots around the combine in breach of the Pay and Night Tube dispute settlement.

Tube Lines strike ballot prepared over abuse of SPAD management procedure


Further to my previous Circular (IR/133/16, 5th May 2016), members will recall the resolution from LU Fleet Branch concerning unjustified disciplinary action taken against members at Northfields Depot after a shunting incident where a signal was passed at danger. The Lead Officer raised our concerns with the Company and a meeting took place between our Reps and local management at Northfields Depot where management admitted that the investigations seem not to have got all the evident that was available.

Strike action to be considered over tube job cuts impact


Further to my previous Circular (IR/144/16, 19th May 2016), the following resolution has been received from Bakerloo Branch:-

“This Branch notes:

- The hugely detrimental effect of the “Fit for the Future” programme on our members’ working lives, including through a severe impact on work/life balance.

- LU’s plans for similar restructuring projects in other areas and functions, including trains.

RMT in dispute with Interserve on London Underground over reorganisation

Further to my previous Circular (IR/144/16, 19th May 2016), a further meeting took place with the Company to discuss the reorganisation of Interserve’s LUL stations contract, which Interserve stated is due to an LUL directive which will affect all grades in Station Cleaning.

Trains Functional update on Night Tube, 4 day week and recruitment freeze

Today (Tuesday 24th May) we had the latest in a series of meetings regarding Night Tube (NT) and the proposed trial 4 day, 36 hour week (4DW).
(Background - As part of our dispute resolution LUL agreed to look at trialling a 4DW on the Jubilee line. This was to be negotiated at a Company Council Trains Sub-Group (CCTSG) at the same time as we negotiated the introduction of NT and the long term reduction of weekend working, and the option for current drivers (TO21s) to work reduced hours.)
Night Tube

Upfront June 2016: RMT newsletter for London Underground train drivers

Upfront is the newsletter for London Underground tube drivers including industrial and health & safety news.  In this edition:

  • Disputes Rumbling Across Drivers’ Grade
  • ‘Fit for Future: Trains’ Fightback Prepared
  • Night Tube Update
  • Four Day Week Trial
  • PTI: Stay Safe
  • Signals known to have failed

Please download the newsletter to read it and distribute it amongst colleagues and friends.

Regional Organiser's update: positive progress in Piccadilly Line dispute

Today myself and RMT line reps, along with aslef met with Directors and Piccadilly management face to face at Acas to hammer out improvements on key industrial issues effecting our members in this dispute. SPADS, Discipline, the Greivance proceedure , performance management and a commitment to better Industrial relations were discussed. We belive that it was a positive meeting and have agreed to track and review commitments given to the unions by LUL We have also agreed that all parties will sign up to statement to improve industrial relations on the line.

LUL and Tube Lines representatives meeting

Dear Colleagues

  1. Breach of core work agreement, contracting out & subcontractors fleet grades – LUL
  2. closure of lillie bridge depot – London Underground. 

The National Executive Committee has called an all-grades Representatives meeting on the above two issues which it views as being an attack on members’ terms and conditions and future job prospects.

The meeting will take place at 10.30 hours in the Unison Building, Euston Road (very near Chalton Street) on Tuesday 7th June 2016

Update from SFC reps on preferencing and filling the gaps

Preferencing and filling gaps should be seen as two separate processes.
Filling Gaps: This is just LU running the Fit for the Future location computer to see if any staff who are OE or covering down can be moved into a substantive position.
They may also move a CSM1 who is covering down at CSS into a temporary CSM2 location.
At this time LU has accepted our demand that they do not make sideways moves (same grade) under filling the gaps.