Night Tube driver progression to full time

Dear all Drivers,

It recently became evident that Full Time and Night Tube Train Driver's had being Leap-frogged by other Night Tube Train Driver's and Full Time Driver's and the majority of this was from external Driving staff through the school.

Once we had evidence of this foul practice we immediately requested an Ad-hoc Directors meeting which took place on the 24 August 2017. As we waited for this meeting this situation got far worse in where we received more damming evidence that there were cases in where the first 40+ prioritised Night Tube Driver's were being Leap-frogged. 

At the Ad-hoc meeting with the Director Management at first played down the situation but came around to our position eventually as it was argued that drivers on the lists were being disadvantaged and suffering a detriment it was also argued that those who have been Leap-frogged should be compensated and moved ASAP. Management as expected were not in favour of this option and we were given an assurance by the Director who was in the meeting we would have a response in which we are still awaiting.

We believe that this situation needs urgent clarification and we are escalating this through the machinery as we will not stand by and allow of driver members be disadvantaged in this way.

I'm not aware of any Data Protection breach in relation to the waiting list as we send it monthly to your Local Representatives but as I've previously said this list is not as up to date as the one from your administration due to SAP issues. 

We will keep you posted as this situation progress.

For the latest information please come down to your Local Branch meeting or Train Grades meeting on the last Thursday of the month at RMT Unity House from 1430hrs to 1600hrs.

Alternatively give me a call or one of my colleagues. 

Paul Shannon
RMT Movements Committee 
Trains Functional Council

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