Mass meeting called for service control members
Monday, 24th of July '17



An urgent meeting of all Service Control staff has been called for 10am on July 24th 2017 in the Boardroom, Unity House and all RMT Members in these grades are urged to attend.

The purpose of the meeting is to address the unparalleled assault on Service Control staff’s terms and conditions as well as the marginalisation of your Functional Council Reps who have been sidelined and precluded from key discussions and negotiations concerning your future terms and conditions.

Although the majority of recent issues have surrounded the modernisation and upgrade of the 4LM/SSR lines, there are also significant outstanding issues involving reform of the Professional Service Control Agreement (PSCA) - much of which has never been updated since 2006. Grades such as DRM & LIS are not even mentioned in the document, making it difficult to address the many abuses and exploitation of their services!

The justifiable concerns of the 40% of existing Service Control staff whom are expected to move to Hammersmith are being blatantly ignored with nothing more than hollow platitudes from senior management who see no reason to negotiate. This must change.

EVERYONE within Service Control is affected by what’s going on. The additional responsibilities and demands being forced upon SSR staff are just the start. Management initially denied the existence of a ‘Service Control Review’ – when justifiable concerns were raised around the ill fated ‘Fit for the Future Stations’. Yet now they have effectively admitted that the recent ‘C4’ workshops which staff were asked to informally attend over the last year were all about doing things ‘more efficiently’ within Service Control! So expect TAC & Power Control jobs to soon be part of your role, along with being expected to control more of the railway for less!

RMT is also demanding equal pay for all and to scrap the ridiculous PRP system. The hated PRP has prevented staff from getting the pay they deserve whilst creating divisions by using salary differences.

This meeting is your opportunity to set our agenda and demands for the future of Service Control, so make your voice heard. Your reps have been denied release to visit your locations and seek views and opinions, so this is the perfect chance to get your desires and views across. This is a key moment for Service Control, make it count and attend on July 24th 2017

Best wishes until then.

Yours sincerely

John Leach