Piccadilly Fleet members to be balloted over two-tier workforce plans


We salute the determination of our LU Fleet Branch in their resolve to halt the attempted introduction of a two-tier work force in the LU Piccadilly Line Fleet area; with all the detriments encapsulated for our present members; and to seek proper ongoing employment for future members joining the company.

We instruct the General Secretary to:

Ballot all relevant members for:

- Industrial action in the form of a strike

And industrial actions short of a strike comprising:

- An overtime ban
- Members not to carry out roles beyond there substantive positions and locations
- Members not to deviate from current valid approved work Instruction documents
- Members not to deviate from current valid approved risk assessments
- Members not to deviate from latest issue of tube lines supplement to the rule book
- Members not to work onsite unless a first aider is on duty
- Members not to perform Coaching and or buddy duties until further notice

Members to be advised by a postal letter email and text.

LU Fleet Branch and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.