RMT asks management to reconsider offer to leapfrogged Night Tube drivers


Today the RMT and ASLEF met with Management concerning the leap-frogged drivers situation.

Management put a proposal that all 23 affected leap-frogged drivers would receive a days pay for every week that they were leap-frogged.

Management said that this was a "gratis payment" as the leap-frogged drivers did not work full-time during this period and it would be unfair to pay them for work that they never did.

The RMT argued that they could not have worked full-time as they were unfairly leap-frogged and had suffered a detriment as a result.

We asked management to reconsider this decision as it was clearly unfair as these Driver's were cheated out of full-time positions.

We have asked for this in writing and will be raising this with our Executive Committee to discuss further.