Four day week pro rata opportunities for drivers

Post-agreement Joint Initiatives Drivers’ Dispute

The RMT met with LUL at ACAS today, October 12th, to continue talks about the post-agreement joint initiatives; Aslef reps also present. This meeting concentrated on pro-rata working, and in particular an interim proposal for 4 day a week pro-rata working. 

LUL accept that the ability to work fewer days for a reduced salary should have been introduced on July 1st; to make up for this unacceptable delay LUL has agreed to accommodate a limited number of drivers (up to 3 per depot) to work 4 day a week for pro-rated pay, over and above any drivers currently on reduced hours agreements.

All drivers currently working 5 days a week (with the exception of upgrades drivers) will be invited to apply to work 4 days a week. This process will start on Monday 16th October and nominations will close 3 weeks later on Sunday 5th November. For those drivers selected, this will be a permanent change to their contract. A method for returning to full-time working will be available for those drivers who change their minds; but please be aware that it is unlikely to be an immediate transfer back again.
We are still waiting for LUL to send us the written outcome of today’s talks which will include details of wages and pensions, annual leave etc. 

Any driver wishing to apply for 4 day pro-rated working should send an e-mail to before November 5th.

The method of selecting applicants when more than 3 apply is still subject to negotiation, but will be decided in the near future.

More information will be shared as soon as we have firm commitments in writing from LUL.

Talks will continue on a weekly basis to finalise details about this and the other joint initiatives.

  • Please distribute this important notice in your depot.

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