Reps meeting: Transformation, Extended Train Prep Schedule, LU Pay dispute and Kyei-Donkoh disciplinary
Tuesday, 7th of May '19


The National Executive Committee has taken the decision to arrange meetings between the Senior Assistant General Secretary, Lead Officer, NEC and Reps regarding:-

1. ROP & COS 2019 - London Underground (all 2nd stage reps) - 9am

2. Extended Train Prep Schedule (all Fleet IR and H&S Reps, Trains Functional & Trains Safety Council) - 11am

3. Disciplinary, S. Kyei-Donkoh, CSA, Piccadilly Circus (IR and H&S Reps from Bakerloo Line Branch) - 12 pm

The Unity House boardroom has been booked from 9am on Tuesday 7th May. You are asked in your capacity as a relevant RMT Representative to attend the meeting(s) germane to yourself. We are not able to secure release for your attendance from LUL so you are asked to make your own arrangements to ensure your attendance.


Further to my previous Circular (IR/125/19, 29th March 2019), the National Executive Committee has now considered this matter again and noted that the Company response does not address our requirements. Therefore, the NEC has taken the decision to advise the Company of our withdrawal from the flawed Transformation process and to declare a dispute over this issue. I have advised the Company accordingly that we are in dispute over its failure to follow the correct procedures and failure to adhere to our agreements while pushing ahead with job losses affecting RMT members.

All RMT Reps have also been advised not to attend or take part in any briefings or discussions regarding this matter until further notice. However, if any individual member is asked to attend an individual briefing/meeting regarding this matter, they should of course take their RMT Rep to provide representation.

I will of course keep Branches updated with all further developments.


Further to my previous Circular (IR/130/19, 3rd April 2019), members are congratulated for delivering a solid ballot result in favour of taking industrial action to demonstrate their resolve to fight against the Company's dangerous proposals to extend the train preparation schedules beyond all recognition.

The National Executive Committee has now considered this matter and taken the decision to call on all Fleet members to take part in the following industrial action short of a strike from 00:01 hours on Thursday 2nd May 2019 until further notice:

Refuse training for tasks that are not part of your substantive role

Refuse training other staff to do tasks that are not part of their substantive role

The Company has been advised that all Fleet members will be taking part in this action and any attempt by management to coerce or bully members into breaking the above action should be immediately reported to RMT Reps. The NEC will consider this matter again in the coming weeks and if this matter remains unresolved, it is likely further action including strike action will be called.

I will of course keep Branches advised of all further developments.

Yours sincerely,

Mick Cash
General Secretary