Tube Pay Dispute 2020

RMT secures 4 year pay rise for London Underground members

Dear colleague


You will know that your union had rejected two “full and final” offers on pay from London Underground, to cover the years commencing on 1st April on 2019-2022. These offers were rejected as your representatives expressed the anger and concern of you and your colleagues as the offers did nothing to address issues of fatigue and excessive working hours or the spiralling cost of living.

RMT Accepts 4 Year Pay Deal and will Return to Issue of Working Hours ASAP

A discussion between RMT IR and H&S staff side secretaries/leads took place this morning. Following this meeting the NEC discussed LUL's current 4-Year pay offer. The NEC has instructed the General Secretary to inform LUL that we accept the offer. London Underground has repeated that they remain committed to reviewing working hours and we will return to this issue ASAP.

London Underground Pay dispute update


Consultation with our representatives has taken place since London Underground tabled its “full and final offer”, which I advised you of in a previous circular (Ref: IR/465/19, 15th November 2019).

To remind you, the offer tabled at that time was as follows:

· Year 1 - 2.7% (RPI Feb 2019 +0.2%)

· Year 2 - 1.4% plus 30 minute reduction in working week (three banked rest days - target implementation date: mid 2020)

· Year 3 - RPI Feb 2021 +0.2%

Tube pay dispute ballot begins today

strike flag

TUBE UNION RMT confirmed that a ballot of 10,000 staff across London Underground for both strike action and action short of a strike will open today after more than a year of negotiations have failed to produce an offer on pay that meets the very reasonable demands of the workforce. The ballot will conclude on the 31st March.

New leaflet: Vote Yes for strike action on pay & conditions

The NEC has taken the decision to ballot all LUL members over pay & conditions.

We will not accept an either/or offer that asks us to chose between protecting our pay or addressing fatigue and working hours.

Please circulate this new leaflet. There are printed copies available at Unity House from Thursday 5 March. Please ensure every workplace has copies in the mess rooms and on notice boards.

In the press: RMT calls ballot over tube pay dispute

As the majority union on London Underground, when we announced our pay ballot, it made headlines across the country:

BBC - London Tube workers balloted over strikes in pay row

Thousands of Tube workers are set to be balloted for strikes in a long-running dispute over pay.

A ballot of 10,000 London Underground (LU) staff has been moved by the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union after more than a year of negotiations.