Victoria Line Night Tube Ballot Called Off


Further to my previous Circular (IR/200/16, 19th July 2016), I informed the Company of the dispute situation between us over the proposed rosters for Victoria Line Train Operator and Instructor Operator members. Since then, further meetings have taken place with the Company and RMT Reps. LUL has offered an additional review of the new rosters after eight weeks although Reps can also continue to raise any immediate concerns in the usual way.

The National Executive Committee has noted the correspondence on file and the views of Reps at a meeting held on 27th July where the concessions from LU were discussed. In line with the views of our Local Reps and Train Council Reps, the NEC has taken the decision to call off this ballot for industrial action and applaud the resolve of our Reps for winning these concessions.

The Company has been advised accordingly although RMT will remain vigilant and ready to take action if management renege on any assurances or concessions.