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RMT writes to LU to discuss concerns about CBTC system


I previously advised you that, with regard to a resolution submitted by our Neasden Branch which highlighted a number of areas of concern for members working in Trains, Stations and Service Control over the introduction of the new Communication Based Train Control (CBTC), I was instructed to inform London Underground that a failure to address these matters would result in a dispute situation existing (Ref: IR/515/19, 18th December 2019).

I therefore wrote to LUL on this basis and requested that a meeting be arranged with our Lead Officer to discuss the concerns of the affected members at an early date. No response has yet been received from the company and nor has any contact been made with our Lead Officer on this matter.

Your NEC has therefore considered the matter again and stated that this failure to respond is indicative of the company's total failure to consult this union on how it will resolve the problems faced by our members as a result of management's incompetent attempts to introduce automatic running on the Metropolitan Line.

Your NEC has instructed me to write again to LU to insist that a cross-functional meeting be convened to address our members' concerns without delay. I have carried out this instruction and now await a response.

I will of course keep members advised on this matter.