Trains Modernisation Update

5th April 2024



Dear RMT Member,


The Union has now received correspondence from LUL in response to a dispute resolution meeting with LUL Directors, that took place on 28th March. The letter covers several important issues:


Trains Modernisation

The letter confirms the assurances given at that meeting that management would not impose any new arrangements on train crew. The trains modernisation team had been removed from that project and were instead, looking at standardising working arrangements across depots. Management made clear they had no plans to return to trains modernisation proposals at this time.

It is clear that trains modernisation had become impossible to progress in the face of six days of strike action by RMT members. We have made clear, all along, that we will not sell our parameters and framework protections as part of trains modernisation. It is to be welcomed that all parties now appear to accept this position.


Continuous Development

We were told at the meeting that management were aware that a response to our failure to agree on this matter was outstanding. Management accepted that an assurance had been given to return to pre-covid (3 days core CDP) when those arrangements were suspended during the pandemic. Confirmation in LUL's letter that CDP Trains will now return to 3 days, in one block, is to be welcomed although the inclusion of other content in day three is not a return to pre-covid arrangements as such.


Cab Security

On 28th March management stated that cab security is a priority for them and enhanced cab security will be provided on 24 stock from day one. However, this leaves members with unsecure cabs for some time to come. That is why RMT has called for the DiSI to be amended to remove a train from service where the cab door cover is missing or damaged.

LUL's correspondence today details resources being dedicated to the cab security project but management has not accepted the need to amend the DiSI. Instead, they propose a further discussion on the DiSI, at Trains Safety Council. RMT will continue to press for this change to the DiSI


Night-Tube Policing

Further to our discussion on this matter on 28th March, no commitments have been made to increase policing levels on night-tube.

Management has agreed to review the night-tube CAP at the Workplace Violence Forum. LUL will also review policing with the BTP to “optimise the policing model”. A second TSEO team for deployment on night tube will be resourced.


AAW 5.2

When we met on 28th March we made it clear to management that RMT will not accept members who are cleared for full duties being redeployed or dismissed due to historical absences. In the past, LUL has used the, so-called, rainbow attendance management tool to identify such members

Management stated that they accepted this general approach and understanding of 5.2. It is to be welcomed that the correspondence from LUL, received today, states: “As I have previously confirmed, where there is no need for managed rehabilitation or Occupational Health advice is that an individual does not have an underlying medical condition, the provisions of paragraph 5.2 will not apply”.


Important wins but still work to do

It is clear that we have made progress on several issues at this time. A meeting of traincrew reps will now take place to consider LUL's response.

As a result of this year's pay dispute, we have secured an additional £1000 pay rise for members and made progress on restoring priv travel for all.

Our fight to Defend Jobs, Pensions and Agreements has pushed management back to the point where they have no current plans for trains modernisation.

But remember - It is only the strike action we have taken over the past two years that has achieved this. We now need every Train Operator to vote yes again in our latest Jobs, Pensions & Agreements re-ballot. Please make sure that you return your ballot paper as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,


Michael Lynch

General Secretary