RMT considering options as LUL de-recognises our reps


The following resolution was recently received from our Bakerloo Branch:-

“This Branch notes LU’s unilateral de-recognition of 15 of our elected stations reps, including one in our Branch.

This is a significant attack on our union’s democracy which disenfranchises our members and amounts to a form of union busting. It will have a particularly detrimental effect on Night Tube and part-time members.

While Level Two Reps and the Regional Organiser have made it clear to the company we oppose this de-recognition, and that de-recognised reps should continue to take on casework, etc., an attack this serious requires a proportionate response. If LU is allowed to get away with de-recognising reps on stations, the majority function on LU, they will be emboldened to attack our levels of representation elsewhere on the job.

This Branch also believes that, since management has unilaterally disregarded the agreed machinery of negotiation, the union is no longer obliged to abide by it either.

This Branch therefore calls on the National Executive to declare an official dispute with LU over this issue, and begin a discussion amongst members at branch and workplace level about what forms of action will be most practical and effective in forcing a reversal from the company”.

This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has noted and welcomes the resolution from our Bakerloo Line Branch regarding the imposed de-recognition of many of our stations reps. In light of the above and managements’ unilateral disregard for the agreed machinery of negotiation we believe a dispute situation is clearly arising.

The NEC has referred the matter into its Southern Sub-Committee for urgent examination and report regarding the formulation of a proportional response that involves discussion amongst members at branch and workplace level aimed at equipping our de-recognised reps, defending and promoting the interests of our members and discussing what form of action will be most practical and effective in forcing a reversal from the company.

I will keep Branches advised of all further developments.

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