Imposition of rosters at Acton Town depot



The following resolution has been received from Piccadilly & District West Branch:-


“This Branch is appalled at the imposition of the new train roster at Bollo House on the Piccadilly Line.


The roster was rejected at meetings with management.


Management also rejected three requests for ad-hoc meetings to discuss the rejected roster and rejected an emergency level one meeting request.


On the 2nd January management imposed the roster without agreement or warning on our train operator members.


This Branch rejects this imposed roster, the style with which it was introduced and managements' complete disregard of the need to negotiate on such workplace changes.


This Branch calls on the NEC to inform the General Secretary to prepare a matrix of train operators and also ballot of all RMT train operators at Bollo House on the Piccadilly Line for strike action and action short of a strike immediately”.


This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which has noted the resolution and the imposition of a roster on our driver members without warning despite tabled objections from our Reps and managements' refusal to discuss the matter further. It is an appalling disregard of our members and their Reps by a line management who yet again seem to be allowed by the Company to behave in a rogue, arbitrary manner despite the historic and recent repeated disputes with this union.


The NEC has taken the decision to seek an urgent report from the Lead Officer regarding this issue and I will keep Branches advised of all further developments.